Philadelphia Flower Show 2011 Edible Delights

edible flower
edible flower

Starting this weekend the Philadelphia Flower Show 2011 will showcase brilliant fleurs of all kinds – so lets chat about some edible delights in flower form! Flower lovers at this year’s event will love to try a few flower petals on their plate, rather than in a vase. Take a look at these edible flowers..

squash blossoms
squash blossoms

If you are a flower fan you are probably familiar with edible flowers. This pretty pansy-looking florals that garnish spring salads, raw soups and elegant silver platter spreads.

Edible flowers 101. “Can I eat this?” is usually the question diners ask when confronted with an edible flower on their plate. Well yes, yes you can! And edible flowers are indeed quite delicious and diverse.

A few popular edible flowers varieties..

Squash Blossom – Sweet, tender. Perfect for stuffing and frying. Filled with your favorite cheese or bean spread. Very seasonal and regional.
Rose – usually used as rose extract, but some varieties of rose are edible. Sweet, bold, strong aroma. Lovely in desserts.
Pansy – Popular edible flower for salads and spring soups. Mild to spicy in flavor. Tender and delicate to bite.
Honeysuckle – you may have sucked on sweet, honey-smelling honeysuckle flowers as a kid. I know I did! But you may not want to eat these flowers. Honeysuckle berries are not edible.
Dandelion – buttery, nice seasoned and boiled.
Chamomile – classicly known for brewing a lovely calming tea. Try this Calm Chamomile smoothie!
Saffron – known and loved as “the most expensive” spice on the planet. Saffron is the stigmas of the crocus sativa flower.
*Always make sure your are buying truly edible flowers from a trusted vendor. Only experienced gardeners should pick and chew from their own garden.

Flower Recipes:
Cashew-Cheese Stuffed Fried Squash Blossoms over Saffron Rice
Calm Chamomile Smoothie
Saffron Mushroom Coconut Quinoa

stuffed fried squash blossoms
stuffed fried squash blossoms

Want your edible flower questions answered at the Philadelphia Flower Show? Your best bet is to peruse the vendors and strike up a conversation with your fellow flower fanatics.
Or be sure to check out the Edible Landscapes Lecture on March 7th.
4:00    Room 201-C
Edible Landscapes: The Art of Growing Food
Ellen Ecker Ogden, author, The Complete Kitchen Garden. Book signing to follow

Edible Flower Salad
Edible Flower Salad
chamomile flower
chamomile flower
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