Pita Stuffing: My Stuffing Disaster Crafts a New Fave!

Pita Stuffing, vegan
Pita Stuffing, vegan

Thanksgiving at my house went out without a hitch! Well that was only acknowledged once we were settled into or seats, our plate filled to the edges with delicious, yummy, colorful dishes. The time leading up to that blissful moment was, well, chaos.

Having just moved into a new home in Los Angeles, things were indeed crazy. But the biggest slip-up had to be when late in the day I realized that the grocery store forgot to hand us an entire bag full of Thanksgiving goodies. What was in the bag? Some expensive vanilla extract, a scrubber brush for dishes, a few ingredients for pie, a few foil containers, and most notably — bread. Stuffing bread. My husband and I’s favorite dish at Thanksgiving would have to be scrapped because we had … no bread!

The store had closed and I sobbed into my celery, carrot and onion medley simmering on the stovetop — awaiting … bread. Well luckily I had plenty of pita bread in the pantry since I was making my famous Sweet Potato Pockets. I also had a few soft wheat rolls.

So I improvised! Instead of using perfectly cubed, toasted bread crumbs as most people use, I was forced to used roughly chopped, totally soft pita bread in wheat and white flavors. Yikes, right? I also chopped in about 2 soft rolls.

The result was perfection! I adored the chewiness — yet moistness of the pita bits in the stuffing. I loved it really. I might actually use pita bread at Christmas time and nest year as well. It might just turn out to be the Kathy’s special stuffing.

The recipe? I used this basic recipe: Sausage Chestnut Cran Stuffing, only sub out all the traditional bread with about 4+ cups of chopped fresh pita and about 2-3 soft rolls. I also added in 1/2 cup of chopped carrots for color – and extra Field Roast Apple Sage Vegan Sausage.

Give it a try too! And never be afraid to stray from your traditional recipe a bit — you never know what you may discover.

vegan pita sausage stuffing for Thanksgiving
vegan pita sausage stuffing for Thanksgiving
Article Posted 5 years Ago

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