Poor Man's Mocha

I no longer have an espresso machine. Instead of steamed milk and espresso beans, I’m pouring half & half over dark drip coffee. It’s not as glamorous, no, but it is warm and soothing, and it reminds me of the cups my grandma would bring me back when I was young.

You see, I first started drinking coffee when I was two, and while I was growing up she would carry the coffee to me whenever she came over, which was often, in the basket on her bike. I made it our thing, this cup of coffee that we would share together in the kitchen while the rest of the family would congregate in the living room after Sunday dinner. There I sat: Mama and me and a pile of dishes.

And while I have dabbled in all sorts of coffee love, from daily cup(s) to cold turkey for 7 years, these days I’m a cup-a-day’r, loving it more for the memories than the caffeine and embracing the lack of espresso machines by whipping up a few poor man’s mochas to sit holding, steaming from the mug warming my cold hands and reminding me I’m present in those wee hours of the morning.

Poor Man’s Mocha

1 cup hot, dark coffee
1 generous tablespoon ganache (I used leftover topping from the Hostess Cupcakes I made)
2-3 tablespoons half & half or milk

Pour hot coffee into mug over ganache, stir as the coffee pours (or brews directly into the mug) and continue stirring until ganache melts. Add in the half and half.

Serve. Enjoy. Dream. Take in the early morning moments before the house awakens.

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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