Potato Chip Omelet

Warning: This won’t be one of those completely nutritious food posts…but it is something homemade!

If there is one not-so-healthful food I have a weakness for, it would have to be potato chips. And there is really nothing I can say to justify this love for them other than–some people crumble at the sight of chocolate cake, I can’t say no to a salt & vinegar chip. My family is full of chip eaters. Conor loves them like crazy, and at an early age, my mother introduced me to the technique of adding potato chips to the inside of a sandwich: whether it be peanut butter and jelly or a tuna melt—I don’t think there are many sounds more beautiful than the crunch heard from crushing a handful of chips between to slices of bread (something that is now “the rage” at trendy sandwich shops in NYC like No. 7 Sub, where they even place potato chips inside eggplant parmigiana sandwiches!)
But one of the coolest things I ever learned to do with potato chips came from a wonderful cookbook by chef José Andrés called Tapas: A Taste of Spain in America. In his potato chapter he has a recipe for a tortilla de patata (potato omelet) that includes potato chips crumbled into the egg mixture before cooking. He recommends using salted Route 11 potato chips, which are very nice, all-natural, and crunchy, but my favorite variety are barbecue chips (I’m partial to the Kettle Brand because they have no preservatives or anything artificial added…see healthy!).
Before I had kids I would make this omelet when I worked late and needed something easy and slightly naughty for dinner, but nowadays I’ll make it as a very occasional after-school snack, letting the kids crumble the chips themselves. If you want to make it more healthful you can try to sneak in some veggies, but you know, why fight a good thing?
Here’s how to make it:

POTATO CHIP OMELET (serves two kids or one hungry adult)
-Crack two eggs into a bowl. Take a handful of your favorite potato chips and crumble them into the egg mixture. Stir to combine, breaking up the chips into smaller chips as you do. Let the mixture sit for 5 minutes so that the chips can absorb some of the egg.
-Crack a third egg into the chip-egg mixture and combine. Add salt to your taste (you might not need it if your chips are salty).
-Heat a tablespoon of olive oil in a small saute pan on medium heat. Add the egg mixture and circulate the pan to cover the entire bottom evenly. Lightly stir the eggs to keep them light, pulling up the sides so that some of the raw egg seeps below to cook. Lower the heat to medium low and cook for about a minute.
-Place a large plate over the pan and carefully invert the pan and plate together so that the omelet is now cooked side up on the plate. Gently slide the omelet, careful that it doesn’t tear, back into the pan so that the top can now brown a bit and set–cook for about a minute or less.
-Serve omelet in wedges for a snack. You can also place a slice of ham in the middle and fold it in half to make an egg sandwich.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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