Prince William's Engagement Party Menu

Finally, what we have all been waiting for, Prince William has proposed to one of the luckiest women in the world, Kate Middelton. We don’t know exactly what the menu will be for Prince William’s engagement party yet, but we know it will be an impressive event to say the least. This will be one of the most anticipated upcoming events, besides their royal wedding of course. We think an elegant champagne and gourmet hor d’oevres menu will be perfect for the royal couple’s engagement party. I can’t imagine how many bottles of champagne will be poured, and only the very best for the royal family, maybe some Dom Perignon?

The best things can come in small packages, as illustrated in these elegant hor d’oevres. We would chose to serve the beautiful young couple¬† and their very special guests some amazing appetizers. This delicious cucumber appetizer with salmon moose and dill should make an impression on guests. Perhaps the prince’s new fiance, Kate Middelton, would like these gorgeous caviar tartlets. Or maybe they should go a more casual route and choose comfort foods that the couple both love. It’s been rumored that Prince William is a pizza lover, maybe he would enjoy these margarita pizza bites more. There are so many possibilities for different appetizers that could be served at their engagement party.¬† I’d also like to serve the couple some classic shrimp cocktail appetizers, as well as some oyster appetizers, both raw and steamed or baked.

And we can’t forget the dessert trays that will go around. Prince William is also rumored to be a chocolate lover. We think only the finest chocolate should be used to make lots of different truffles for the couple to sample. And maybe an elaborate chocolate fountain too, with tons of freshly cut fruit underneath, or is that already out? What are your thoughts?

Photo Credits: Appetizers, iStockphoto.com/swalls; Tartlets, iStockphoto.com/Aivolie; Mini Pizza, iStockphoto.com/LauriPatterson; Champagne, iStockphoto.com/LisaValder

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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