Pumpkin Carving: The Best Free Templates on the Web

It’s that time of year, again.  With the weather nipping on noses, autumn jackets pulled from the back of the closet, and piles of pumpkins greeting you in the grocery store, now is the time to carve up some pumpkins.  While it’s always nice to go with traditional pumpkin faces: two triangle eyes, a triangle nose, that crooked jack-o-lantern smile, why not shake things up a bit this year?  Several online website offer free, printable patterns for pumpkin carving.  You can spend half a night perusing the stencil options, but we’ve made it even easier for you!   Here are the best, classiest, coolest, pumpkin carving stencils on the world wide web.  From easy to elegant, cute to complicated, these patterns are the coolest ones you’ll find anywhere!

Pumpkin Lady offers three free downloadable pumpkin carving patterns each week.  This weeks offerings include a bee, a Chinese dragon, and this timely offering–a breast-cancer survivor ribbon.  Just scroll to the bottom of this page to find the freebies of the week.

There are more than 30 free pumpkin patterns available on DLTK’s website.  From simple bats to “Welcome” signs that can be carved into your pumpkin, the all-time favorite for most kids is sure to be the Spongebob pattern.  If this is your first year carving fanciful pumpkin patterns, be sure to check our DLTK’s step-by-step guide to pumpkin pattern carving.

Better Homes and Gardens offers a whole gallery of free pumpkin carving stencils.  Decorative, dreary, and dowright adorable, their huge library of patterns has too many adorable ideas to choose from.  Though, you can’t go wrong with Frankenstein.

Parenting Magazine has all of your kid-friendly carving ideas covered.  With a slideshow full of adorable, simple stencils, you’re sure to find the perfect design.  Of course, this Haunted Window stencil may be the cutest of the bunch.  Not to mention, easy as can be to carve out for those can’t-wait kiddos.

Do you have a house full of Disney aficionados?  Then, you’ll want to head straight over to Family.com for their free Disney-themed pumpkin stencils.  You’ll find all the classic Disney characters–Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Pooh–not to mention a few other faovrites…Jack Skellington is there, too!

If all of these fun, freaky takes on pumpkin carving has you overwhelmed, it’s not too late to stick with the classic, simple patterns.  You’ll find a lot of traditional, easy favorites at the Hersheys website.

If all else fails, you can always scrap the fancy schmancy jack-o-lanterning and carve up a batch of these super quick Pumpkin Poptarts or one of our other favorite pumpkin recipes.  No stencils required!


Find more pumpkin carving templates and ideas at Spoonful.com!

Head over to Strollerderby for even more pumpkin carving stencil ideas!

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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