Quesadillas Save My Life Weekly

I don’t think I made a single quesadilla in my own kitchen between the years 1971 (when I was born) and 2005. And now, I’m not sure how exactly that was possible. Because somewhere around the time when my youngest was starting to eat real food, I discovered that they were always the easiest answer to “What’s For Dinner” that involved only fresh, real ingredients. They also proved to be:

1) So easy-to-love! Early on, they were BOTH of my daughters favorite thing to eat — whole wheat tortillas, organic cheddar slices, and anything else I could get away with were cut into wedges and (to this day) called “triangles.”

2) So quick to make! Fellow TFK blogger Caroline recently had an excellent tutorial on making a superior quesadilla, but no matter how fancy or how adventurous you get, it’s impossible to take longer than 10 minutes.

3) Such lovely swans for the ugly-duckling, end-of-the-fridge cheeses, meats, veggies. I find them amazing depositories for those pricey, vegetables I beer-goggled at the market five days earlier and that taunt me from the crisper.

This one above is one such dish. I had spent $9.80 on two large maitake mushrooms (yes, you read that right) and for whatever dumb reason had about 1/2 of one left. I sauteed the mushroom (chopped) in olive oil with a little shallot, red pepper flakes, garlic, a squeeze of lemon in a skillet. I removed everything, turned up the heat, did a quick fry of a whole wheat tortilla on both sides. Then I removed the tortilla, placed the mushroom mixture and a few dollops of goat cheese inside, folded it in half, then seared it again until the cheese got all melty.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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