Quick Kitchen Tip: 5 Easy Ways to Recycle Plastic Grocery Bags

I have three reusable grocery bags in my car, and one compact cloth bag in my purse, at all times. But I still end up with plastic grocery bags in my kitchen at the end of the day. Why? They are almost unavoidable. Plastic bags are handed out everywhere from the drug store, to the farmer’s market, to the gym. And, while I do my best to use my own bags, sometimes I just can’t avoid the plastic version. Since I seem to accumulate a fair amount of plastic grocery bags on a regular basis I do my best to recycle them in my house. I like to use them at least once, if not twice, before pitching them in the garbage. Over time I’ve figured out a few great uses of reusing them, here are my five favorites:

1. Garbage Bags for Small Trash Cans: This is nothing new, but plastic bags usually fit perfectly into small trash cans. This eliminates the need to buy boxes of small trash bags completely.

2. Free Diaper Genie!: I swear, when my daughter had a stinky diaper nothing contained the stink like a plastic bag. Instead of buying complicated diaper disposals I simply tied each diaper up in a plastic bag and put it in the garage until garbage day. By reusing my plastic bags I am sure I saved a lot of money, and waste, buying diaper genie bags!

3. Quick Shoe Protectors: I saw a workman at my friend’s house walk around a dusty work area with plastic bags tied over his shoes. He wanted to protect his shoes from the grit and dust. Before he walked across the freshly installed wooden floors he simply removed the bags and kept them for later. I know do the same thing when I need to protect my shoes from gritty areas like my basement or garage. Just tie bags over your shoes and walk on!

4. Pet Clean-up: It always drives me crazy when I see people with specially purchased spools of plastic bags specifically for pet waste. Simple reuse the plastic grocery bags for pet clean-up and save money not buying additional palstic.

5. Plastic Bag Rugs: I have never done this myself, but I’ve been told that plastic bags can be cut into strips and woven into rugs that are great for mudrooms or work areas. If anyone has ever done this please share!

Photo: © Iwona Grodzka – bag

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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