Quinoa Recipes for Kids

  • Quinoa Pumpkin Pancakes 1 of 9
    Quinoa Pumpkin Pancakes
    Pancakes are a totally kid-friendly breakfast, and they’ll love the sweet addition of pumpkin and the chewy texture of quinoa!
    Make Quinoa Pumpkin Pancakes »
  • Spiced Banana Quinoa Waffles 2 of 9
    Spiced Banana Quinoa Waffles
    Let the kids make their own waffles — the healthy kind! — and then smother them in maple syrup.
    Make Spiced Banana Quinoa Waffles »
  • Apple Quinoa Muffins 3 of 9
    Apple Quinoa Muffins
    Even the pickiest eaters will be fascinated with these hearty muffins that pack ridiculous apple flavor!
    Make Apple Quinoa Muffins »
  • Whole Wheat Quinoa Pancakes 4 of 9
    Whole Wheat Quinoa Pancakes
    You can't feel guilty about feeding your family pancakes made from whole wheat and quinoa!
    Make Whole Wheat Quinoa Pancakes »
  • Quinoa Pear Muffins with Brown Sugar 5 of 9
    Quinoa Pear Muffins with Brown Sugar
    These naturally sweet muffins are so yummy, kids will think they’re getting to eat dessert in the morning!
    Make Quinoa Pear Muffins with Brown Sugar »
  • Breakfast Quinoa 6 of 9
    Breakfast Quinoa
    Shhh! Just tell the kids they’re getting rice pudding for breakfast!
    Make Breakfast Quinoa »
  • Confetti Quinoa Salad 7 of 9
    Confetti Quinoa Salad
    Fill this dish with all the colors of the rainbow — and watch your kids gobble it up!
    Make Confetti Quinoa Salad »
  • Quinoa Chicken Soup 8 of 9
    Quinoa Chicken Soup
    Kids will be so busy warming up with this classic chicken soup that they won’t have time to notice quinoa instead of noodles.
    Make Quinoa Chicken Soup »
  • Gluten-free Chocolate Quinoa Cake 9 of 9
    Gluten-free Chocolate Quinoa Cake
    What kid would ever resist a huge slice of chocolate cake?
    Make Gluten-free Chocolate Quinoa Cake »

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