Rainbow Cake Donut

This was one of those totally unplanned never meant to post recipes, but my kid begged me to put it up.  I didn’t even get great photos, but you get the idea. When I was making all the mini cupcakes for the polka dot cake I had way too much batter since I doubled the recipe. I was cooking batches, removing from the pan, washing, and adding more batter, but this got old fast. I asked my daughter to get some regular size muffin pans out so we could just get all the extra cooked (because I refuse to throw away cake batter, why?). She brought me the donut pans, large and mini and said to me ‘let’s make cake donuts!’. Hello brilliant child of mine. We poured the rest of the batter into each pan and were left with just a tiny bit of each color so the last two were rainbows. So fun and delicious and they don’t need any frosting or glaze! Get the rainbow donuts recipe after the jump…

Rainbow batter.                                        Disappearing dessert!

Rainbow Cake Donut Recipe

1 box white cake mix (without the hydrogenated oils)

americolor food coloring in electric colors

donut pan

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Mix the cake batter according the the directions on the box. Divide batter into glass bowls and add food coloring to each. Stir to combine and pour into greases donut pans. For rainbow multicolor add about 2 tablespoons of each color. The mini’s bake in about 6-8 minutes, the large bake in 10-12 minutes. Makes 50 mini donuts or 24 regular.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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