Real Food Fast: The BLT Panini & 4 More Great Dinner Sandwiches

What’s for dinner the night? What about paninis? Better yet, what about cooking up some bacon, slicing a fresh tomato and making some BLT paninis. I love a good BLT as much as the next girl, and, frankly, I often make sandwiches for dinner. It makes a lot of sense really. A sandwich can be a complete, wholesome meal that is filling in healthy. Some sandwiches are heavier than others, but other than the fact that they are typically eaten with ones hands, they are just the same what might be on your dinner plate. Here is my favorite way to make a BLT Panini and four more great dinner sandwich suggestions from The Family Kitchen.

The BLT Panini

2 slices country bread

3 strips cooked bacon

1 teaspoon mayonnaise

2 slices fresh tomato

1. Assemble the BLT as you wish and place it in a panini maker. Cook the sandwich until toasted and compacted. Serve!

Four More Great Dinner Sandwiches

1. Classic Meatball Sub

2. The Classic Steak Sandwich

3. Sauteed Vegetable Gyro

4. The Cuban Panini

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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