Recipes for a Vegan Holiday Dinner Party!

virtual vegan holiday dinner party
virtual vegan holiday dinner party

Get inspired by the Virtual Vegan Dinner Party. The dinner party is an online blogger-collaboration featuring a festive feast of ten holiday recipes. If you’ve ever wondered “what do vegans eat??” especially around a holiday table, here is your answer.

Start with a fabulous fizzy party cocktail, grab a buttery vegan crescent roll, and move onto a wow-worthy main course. And don’t forget dessert. Four scrumptious recipes to ogle – including a rich and sultry Holiday Nog Cheesecake. These recipes are your easy “how-to” guide to adding a few vegan dishes to your own feast. Step inside the Virtual Vegan Dinner Party!..

  • Bread: Vegan Crescent Rolls 1 of 15
    Bread: Vegan Crescent Rolls

    Lets start the party with an offering of bread. On the menu: buttery, moist crescent rolls with a hint of sweetness. I can only imagine the aroma that fills the house when you bake a batch of these golden treasures.
    Find the recipe at That's So Vegan

  • Appetizer: Carrot Pâté 2 of 15
    Appetizer: Carrot Pâté

    This lovely carrot pate creates an elegant spread for hungry guests. Creamy golden pate is infused with herbs like thyme and parsley - a hint of heat as well.
    Find the recipe at Diet Dessert and Dogs

  • Beverage: Winter Warmer Cocktail 3 of 15
    Beverage: Winter Warmer Cocktail

    By now you are probably quite thirsty, so grab this light and fizzy festive sip. Bubbly with a hint of ginger and cider.
    Find the recipe at Pea Soup Eats

  • Appetizer: Cranberry Orange Ginger Mango Chutney 4 of 15
    Appetizer: Cranberry Orange Ginger Mango Chutney

    This perky red chutney is brimming with bright, festive flavors like cranberry and ginger. The lush mango adds a tropical note. Sweet-tart, zesty and slightly spiced.
    Find the recipe at Love Veggies and Yoga

  • Side: Sweet Potato Puree with Maple and Sour Cream 5 of 15
    Side: Sweet Potato Puree with Maple and Sour Cream

    Sweet potatoes are a must-have side at most holiday feasts. Try this creamy, golden puree - spiced and buttery!
    Find the recipe at Vegan Good Things

  • Entree: Vegan Holiday Casserole 6 of 15
    Entree: Vegan Holiday Casserole

    This vegan holiday casserole is three layers of deliciousness! Creamy cheesy garlic potatoes, rich cornbread stuffing and tender marinated tofu. This festive dish is sure to please!
    Find the recipe at Namely Marly

  • Dessert: Nog Cheesecake 7 of 15
    Dessert: Nog Cheesecake

    If you are a lover of cheesecake and a fan of holiday nog, well this dessert recipe is for you! Creamy and rich with a swirl of whipped vegan topping on top. This dessert will wow your guests (vegan or not)!
    Find the recipe at Manifest Vegan

  • Dessert: Skillet Pear Gingerbread 8 of 15
    Dessert: Skillet Pear Gingerbread

    Sliced pears twirl atop this moist skillet gingerbread. Elegant yet rustic. Serve with an after-meal tea or coffee beverage and be sure to save some leftovers for a holiday brunch.
    Find the recipe at The Tolerant Vegan

  • Dessert: Chocolate Pecan Cookies Pies 9 of 15
    Dessert: Chocolate Pecan Cookies Pies

    What do you get when you combine chocolate, pecan pie and cookies? These delightful cookie pies! Pecan pie lovers, indulge in this veganized pecan pie treat!
    Find the recipe at Your Vegan Mom

  • Dessert: Pumpkin Pie 10 of 15
    Dessert: Pumpkin Pie

    Don't forget the pumpkin pie! Here is a pie round-up with several delicious vegan pumpkin pie recipes to choose from. Including pumpkin cheesecake and a 4-Ingredient pie.
    Find the recipes at Healthy Happy Life

  • 11 More Vegan Entree Recipes 11 of 15
    11 More Vegan Entree Recipes

    Looking for a few more vegan entrees that are holiday "centerpiece" worthy? Give these "alternatives to Tofurky" a look.
    Browse the slideshow on Family Kitchen.

  • More Holiday Vegan Recipes 12 of 15
    More Holiday Vegan Recipes

    These 15 Thanksgiving recipes transfer perfectly to your December holiday feast.
    Browse the slideshow on Family Kitchen.

  • 14 Snow Day Vegan Recipes 13 of 15
    14 Snow Day Vegan Recipes

    Stuck inside for a snow day? Here are 14 recipes that will fuel that cozy feeling and maybe a snowball fight or two!
    Browse the slideshow on Family Kitchen.

  • 18 Vegan Holiday Breakfast Ideas 14 of 15
    18 Vegan Holiday Breakfast Ideas

    When you wake up hungry or in a hurry to feed an AM holiday crowd, whip out this batch of vegan recipes for inspiration.
    Browse the slideshow on Family Kitchen.

  • Holiday Cookie: Coconut Snowballs 15 of 15
    Holiday Cookie: Coconut Snowballs

    And just because it is always handy to have a holiday cookie recipe on hand - check out these vegan Coconut Snowball Cookies. Tender and sweet with a tropical hint of coconut. With or without "mud" aka chocolate chips!
    Make Coconut Snowballs.

And be sure to check out these vegan-inspiring recipe slideshows here on Family Kitchen:

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