9 Mexican Cheeses for Cinco de Mayo

  • Cotija 1 of 9
    Think of Cotija as the Parmesan of Mexican cheeses. Use it crumbled or grated to top off salads, soups, enchiladas, and tacos. Monterey Jack is a decent, although not as flavorful, substitute. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with your hands wrapped around these fish tacos finished with the authentic tang of Cotija cheese.
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  • Crema 2 of 9
    Crema is similar to crème fraîche and makes a delicious, creamy topping for tostadas, tacos, and enchiladas. Top a steaming bowl of this chicken enchilada soup with a heaping spoonful of crema for a tart, velvety finish.
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  • Quesadilla 3 of 9
    If you want to make an authentic quesadilla, use the mild, gooey, and fairly addicting Mexican cheese of the same name. Swap out the nacho-cheese blend for quesadilla cheese in this spicy chicken nacho recipe and have everyone at your Cinco de Mayo party shouting olé!
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  • Asadero 4 of 9
    Asadero is another melting cheese and is used to make a popular Mexican version of fondue called fundido. Give Cinco de Mayo a flavorful twist by serving this wild mushroom queso fundido. You could also use other Mexican melting cheeses, like quesadilla or even mild cheddar.
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  • Queso Blanco 5 of 9
    Sure Monterey Jack is great, but this May 5th why not melt queso blanco over these unbelievably delicious and simple chicken and black bean burritos?
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  • Queso Panela 6 of 9
    Panela is made by straining whole milk curds and is best eaten as a snack or on top of salads. Top a cool and crispy taco salad with crumbled panela for a traditional Mexican twist on a dinner classic.
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  • Requesón 7 of 9
    If you can get your hands on requesón, a Mexican version of ricotta, buy it! It's lower in fat, has more flavor, and can be used in any recipe that calls for ricotta. Add a few dollops of creamy requesón on top of this taco pizza recipe for authentic Cinco de Mayo flavor even the most intense pizza purist will adore.
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  • Queso Oaxaca 8 of 9
    Queso Oaxaca is the Mexican answer to string cheese, stretched into long strands and sold rolled up in a ball. Oaxaca is incredibly versatile and mild and rocks in quesadillas, stuffed in roasted green chilies, or even shredded and folded into pork tacos.
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  • Queso Fresco 9 of 9
    Queso fresco is tangy like goat cheese and makes a flavorful and creamy finishing cheese for all sorts of Mexican food. Many Mexican restaurants top beans with a sprinkling of queso fresco. Make this traditional chilaquiles recipe topped with queso fresco this Cinco de Mayo for a hearty breakfast — or even dinner!
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