Insanely Good Sandwich Recipes for Kids

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    The coolest creations from Insanewiches
  • The Good Eggwich 2 of 8
    The Good Eggwich
    Just think how fast the kids will spring out from under the covers when they know The Good Eggwich is waiting at the table with a big sunny-side up smile.
    Make the Good Eggwich »
  • The Playful Palette 3 of 8
    The Playful Palette
    Hey, who’s the sandwich artist here? I dunno, but whoever it is, that person clearly has a good palate.
    Make the Playful Palette »
  • The Pulmonary Clotwich 4 of 8
    The Pulmonary Clotwich
    Cardiologists, please look away. For the rest of you, get ready to enjoy one of the richest, creamiest ’wiches that’s ever clogged an artery.
    Make the Pulmonary Clotwich »
  • The Banana Split Trickwich 5 of 8
    The Banana Split Trickwich
    This isn’t just a sandwich recipe, it’s a recipe for one hilarious April Fools’ gag. Make it for your most gullible sweet-toothed friends and hope they don’t hold a grudge!
    Make the Banana Split Trickwich »
  • The ‘Stachewich 6 of 8
    The 'Stachewich
    The mustache has made a comeback, and it ain’t just hipsters sporting ’em! There’s a whole sandwich crowd getting in on the trend.
    Make the 'Stachewich »
  • The Foot Stompwich 7 of 8
    The Foot Stompwich
    Who needs finger sandwiches when you can have foot stompwiches?
    Make the Food Stompwich »
  • The Donut Alarm Clock 8 of 8
    The Donut Alarm Clock
    You’re no doubt wondering how this sandwich is supposed to keep time. But I say the only time you should care about is when you’re gonna eat this ’wich.
    Make the Donut Alarm Clock »
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