Remember These? 17 Breakfast Cereals We Miss

Growing up in the 80 ‘s and 90’s made for fun times as a kid. After all, there were the best-ever Saturday morning cartoons (Smurfs, She-ra, Strawberry Shortcake!) and enough brand-new breakfast products marketed straight to our cravey little tastebuds to make your cereal bowl spin! Nowadays, we have a better idea of what’s right to eat (um, NOT the fat-free diet), but it’s fun to go back and remember a few of the discontinued cereals that made for yummy morning eating in the days of yore.

Which of these 17 discontinued breakfast cereals do you remember? Which ones did we forget? Ring in the comments section below. We’d love to hear your memories!

  • Bring Them Back! 1 of 19
    Ever get a nostalgic craving for the cereals of your childhood? So do we! Come walk down memory lane with us as we fondly recollect 17 cereals we've had to say goodbye to...
  • Mr. T Cereal 2 of 19
    Remember the indomitable A-Team? Everyone's favorite character, Mr. T was turned (for a short time( into a bowl of crunchy t-shaped cereal bites! I pity the bowl!
    Photo from Mr. Breakfast
  • Mud & Bugs 3 of 19
    Kellogg's produced their Mud & Bugs, inspired by the Lion Kings favorite characters, Timon and Pumba! The cereal was essentially a chocolate-flavored Lucky Charms, with bug shaped marshmallows, and was initially promo'ed with a free Disney DVD.
    Photo from Fan Pop
  • Ice Cream Cones 4 of 19
    Created in 1987 by General Mills, Ice Cream Cones cereal came with sweetened chocolate, vanilla, and chocolate-chip flavored puffs, and sugar cone flavored cone pieces. So fun!
    Photo from Blizz Hackers
  • Hidden Treasures 5 of 19
    Introduced by General Mills in 1993, Hidden Treasures had hidden fruit fillings in the middle of each cereal piece!
    Photo from eBay
  • Sprinkle Sprangles 6 of 19
    Sprinkle Sprangles were also introduced by General Mills in 1993, and featured Dom Deluise on the commercials as a genie who promised, "you wish it! I dish it!"
    Photo from Acts of the Apostacy
  • Nerds Cereal 7 of 19
    The ultimate cerealabration of the 1980's candy crazy, Nerds Cereal offered up a box of crunchy, colorful cereal, with two flavor options…one for each side of the box!
    Photo from Polyvore
  • Fruit Islands 8 of 19
    Fruit Islands promised "real apple bits" on every colorful piece of cereal, which (according to the commercial jingle) greatly please Island King Ayumayuma.
    Photo from Green Plastic Squirt Gun
  • Crispy Critters 9 of 19
    Hello, my name is Crispy, how do you do? Crispy Critters cereal's entirely new. It's indubitably, indubitably, delicious! …Anyone else remember that jingle?
    Photo from Mr. Breakfast
  • Fruit Marshmallow Krispies 10 of 19
    Fruity Marshmallow Krispies took all the snap-crackle-pop from Rice Krispies, and added deliciously sweet fruit-flavored marshmallows. Introduced in 1988, it slowly began being pulled from shelves in the late 1990's.
    Photo from Metal Misfit
  • S’mores Crunch Cereal 11 of 19
    The original S'mores Crunch Cereal boasted all the favorite flavors of S'mores…in bite-sized, bowl-sized pieces.
    Photo from GBNF Groceries
  • Poptarts Crunch Cereal 12 of 19
    Poptarts Crunch. Poptarts. In cereal form. The fun happened in 1994, debuting the product as "It's poptarts, for your spoon" !
    Photo from Mr. Breakfast
  • OJ’s 13 of 19
    Kellogg's orange juice flavored cereal, OJ's lasted on store shelves for about a year. The flavor, combined with milk, was reminiscent of a crunchy Orange Julius, and promised lots of Vitamin C.
    Photo from J Jackson
  • Berry Berry Kix 14 of 19
    General Mills introduced Kix in 1937, and Berry Berry Kix in 1992. Though the original brand is still going strong, the Berry brand is hard to find nowadays.
    Photo from Product Wiki
  • Cracker Jacks Cereal 15 of 19
    Just like the original brand of popcorn, Cracker Jacks Cereal promised a "prize in every box." A perfect cereal to compete with the other create breakfast concoctions of the 1980's!
    Photo from Mental Misfit
  • Vanilly Crunch 16 of 19
    "Crispy, Creamy little globes of goodness…" are how the boxes of Cap'n Crunch's Vanilly Crunch were described! Do you remember this cereal?
    Photo from Info Barrel
  • Puffa Puffa Rice 17 of 19
    If you took puffed wheat and rice crispies and made a cereal out of them, you'd get Puffa Puffa Rice, Kellogg's addition to the cereal market , which was phased out about 3 years after it's first introdcution in 1972.
    Photo from Get Glue
  • Powdered Donuts Cereal 18 of 19
    Though this cereal arrived in two flavors in the 1980's, the Powdered Donutz version fast became a favorite. Similar to giant, frosted Cheerios, the brand was said to taste like D-D-Donuts! And it certainly did!
    Photo from Mr. Breakfast
  • 90’s Breakfast Gone Vegan! 19 of 19
    Babble darling, Kathy Patalsky recently highlights 23 fun ways to veganize popular breakfasts of the 1990's. Which got me thinking of all the breakfast cereals I miss, since so many brands have come and gone and been discontinued over the years. Check out Kathy's healthy makeovers, then take a walk down memory lane with our slideshow of breakfast cereals we wish they'd bring back.
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