Resistant Starch Foods Explained

oatmeal-with-orange-and-cherriesResistant starch foods are a prized element of the Carb Lovers Diet. Carbohydrate-rich foods classified as resistant starch contain a type of dietary fiber that is thought to “resist” digestion by the human body. So resistant starch foods can leave you feeling satisfied and full, while passing through the body at a rapid clip.

The Carb Lovers Diet, recommended as a healthy diet by WebMD and Health magazine, is a sensible way to lose pounds and transition to a healthier lifestyle. A key component of the Carb Lovers Diet is resistant starch food. So what are resistant starch foods? You might be surprised at how many of these you already have at home!

Unripe bananas, corn, potatoes, pasta, pearl barley, whole grain bread, oatmeal, brown rice, navy beans, and yams, to name a few. Looking for ways to enjoy these foods, check out these great Family Kitchen recipes:

Oatmeal with cherries and oranges


This is a great, healthy breakfast. If you’re dieting, you may want to skip the honey. Try adding bananas for added resistent carb content.

Whole-wheat pancakes with dried cherries


Whole-grain pancakes can easily be given a healthy makeover. Simply use all whole-wheat pastry flour, and skip the maple syrup. You could also add honey instead of sugar.

Hoppin’ John

Trim down this recipe by subbing out the bacon and using a fat-free broth. You can also up the resistant carb quotient by using brown rice.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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