Russell Stovers Candies S’mores


Yesterday we made ROBINS EGGS MALTED MILKSHAKES and continuing on our quest to make use of all of our Easter leftovers, today we made s’mores. This might be the quickest and easiest s’more we’ve ever made. We used leftover Russell Stover Candies Chocolate covered marshmallow eggs from our Easter baskets.
It’s chocolate and marshmallow all wrapped up into ONE. Just brilliant! We save time and steps ; ) After some minimal assembly you’ll simply pop it into the microwave and you’ll be enjoying your very own ooey gooey s’more in about 10 seconds. How’s that for instant gratification ; )

These are so good, if you don’t have any leftover, it might be worth a trip to the store. Easter candy is after all 50-75% off right now ; )

Russell Stovers Candies S’mores
What you’ll need: {makes 2 s’mores}
2 graham crackers
1 Russell Stover Candies marshmallow egg – halved

What to do:
1. Carefully break graham cracker at perforation. Place half of marshmallow egg onto graham cracker. Place onto a microwave safe dish. Microwave for approximately 8-10 seconds until marshmallow swells.

2. Top with remaining graham cracker half.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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