Savory-Sweet! Cookies, Candies and More Featuring Olive Oil!

The more I read about the benefits of olive oil versus butter, the more I grow to appreciate it.

Problem is, unlike savory cooking, it is harder to just swap out butter for olive oil in, say, a batch of cookies. In addition to altering the taste, the make-up of the dough will be completely different, affecting the outcome of the final product.

Which is why I’m thrilled to see more and more “sweet” recipes that include – and highlight! – olive oil. These irresistible treats take advantage of olive oil’s distinctive flavor, and combine it with ingredients that complement. They also take the guesswork out of substituting for butter – so you’re guaranteed success!

The health benefits of olive oil are well known – it can help lower your “bad” cholesterol, while raising the “good”. It contains anti-oxidants. And it helps reduce your intake of saturated and trans fats (source: Mayo Clinic).

As olive oil replaces butter in most of these recipes, they would also be suitable for someone with a dairy allergy. And the recipes with no eggs make for a perfect vegan treat!

So whether you want to incorporate healthier ingredients into your cooking, have a food sensitivity, or just want to experiment with sweets that are a little different, you will love taking these recipes for a spin in your kitchen!

  • "Sweet" Ways To Use Olive Oil! 1 of 20
    cookies candies and more featuring olive oil

    Think olive oil is just for cooking? Think again. These inventive and delicious recipes highlight olive oil's natural fruitiness, imparting great flavor and texture to some of your favorite "sweet" dishes (how about some olive oil ice cream?)!

  • Apple Berry Pie with Olive Oil Crust 2 of 20
    apple berry pie with olive oil crust post punk kitchen

    If you thought that you could only make a perfect pie crust with butter, think again. This clever recipe makes a tender, flaky crust (by virtue of a few great tips!), and lets you serve a completely vegan - and traditional - fruit pie.

    Image and recipe courtesy of Post Punk Kitchen

  • Baked Blueberry Chocolate Doughnuts 3 of 20
    baked blueberry chocolate doughnuts fuss free cooking

    While I wouldn't call these "health food", swapping out butter for olive oil, baking versus frying, and adding everyone's favorite super food - blueberries - can make you feel a little better about doughnuts for breakfast. Baking these in a doughnut pan is also so much easier - and less messy - than frying, so you can surprise your family with these sweet treats even on a busy weekday morning!

    Image and recipe courtesy of Fuss Free Cooking

  • Breakfast Bars 4 of 20
    breakfast bars donuts dresses and dirt

    Whether you need a breakfast "on the run", a mid-morning snack or a healthy after-school treat, these dairy-free bars will be your go-to every time. Full of flavor, easily adaptable and very satisfying, these unassuming little bars deliver the goods. They freeze beautifully too, so you can have a stash stored away for "emergencies". 

    Get the recipe at Donuts, Dresses and Dirt

  • Date Nut Bread 5 of 20
    date nut bread donuts, dresses and dirt

    Ah, date nut bread. Warm, thinly sliced and slathered with cream cheese, this is a winter staple in our house. This is a great "starter" recipe to try as it contains few ingredients, requires no fancy equipment and comes together in about ten minutes.

    Get the recipe at Donuts, Dresses and Dirt

  • Olive Oil and Honey Cookies 6 of 20
    greek olive oil and honey cookies cooking lessons

    Traditional Mediterranean flavors - honey, olive oil and orange - team up in these salty-nutty cookies. Best of all? They store beautifully - and their flavor actually improve over time!

    Image and recipe courtesy of Cooking Lessons

  • Gelato "Waffle-wiches" 7 of 20
    lemon rosemary gelato waffle-wiches crumb

    Sweet-savory waffles take a turn as the "cookies" in these beautiful ice cream sandwiches - or "waffle-wiches".  Fresh lemon and rosemary are a perfect pair for the olive oil in the waffles.

    Image and recipe courtesy of Crumb

  • Maple Cherry Granola 8 of 20
    maple cherry granola donuts dresses and dirt

    Maple syrup is the natural sweetener in this delicious granola - which is super crunchy and studded with lots of dried cherries. And it uses about half the amount of olive oil traditionally found in most granola recipes.

    Get the recipe at Donuts, Dresses and Dirt

  • Peanut Butter and Banana Chocolate Chunk Cookies 9 of 20
    peanut butter and banana chocolate chunk cookies babble

    The winning combination of peanut butter, bananas and chocolate lend moistness and natural sweetness to these gluten-, dairy- and sugar-free cookies. These are another great option for a quick breakfast or healthy snack.

    Get the recipe at Babble

  • Rosemary and Olive Oil Cookies 10 of 20
    rosemary olive oil cookies bare root

    These gluten-free beauties are enhanced with the subtle flavors of rosemary, honey and pink sea salt - I suspect they are as delicious as they look!

    Image and recipe courtesy of Bare Root

  • Orange Rosemary Quickbread 11 of 20
    babble orange rosemary quickbread

    Fresh citrus, woodsy rosemary and olive oil combine in this easily assembled, not-too-sweet quickbread. I can see making a few batches of these to give as gifts - or to have on-hand for an unexpected guest or a cup of afternoon tea.

    Get the recipe at Babble

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies 12 of 20
    skinny chocolate chip cookies babble

    A healthier chocolate chunk cookie that doesn't sacrifice flavor? Sign me up. Olive oil, whole wheat flour and steel cut oats are to thank for these decadent treats that allow for 100% indulgence with 0% guilt.

    Get the recipe at Babble

  • Smoked Olive Oil Caramels 13 of 20
    smoked olive oil caramels the pig and quill

    I'm completely smitten with these unusual caramels, made with smoky olive oil, dark chocolate and sea salt. 

    Image and recipe courtesy of The Pig and Quill

  • Smoked Paprika and Cinnamon Cookies 14 of 20
    smoked paprika and cinnamon cookies donuts dresses and dirt

    Smoky paprika and Saigon cinnamon lend a subtle heat and such unexpected flavor to the "same old" chocolate chip cookie. Olive oil makes these gems extra moist.

    Get the recipe at Donuts, Dresses and Dirt

  • Sweet Potato Quick Bread 15 of 20
    sweet potato quick bread babble

    Sweet potatoes take on a caramel-like flavor when roasted, and give this quickbread a delicious flavor and moist texture. What a wonderful addition this would be to your holiday dinner table!

    Get the recipe at Babble

  • Baked Pumpkin Doughnuts 16 of 20
    whole grain pumpkin donuts texan erin baking

    Doughnuts get a healthy makeover thanks to whole grains, olive oil and a spin in the oven instead of the deep fryer. The buttermilk glaze looks like the perfect counterpart to this fall treat.

    Image and recipe courtesy of Texan Erin Baking

  • Olive Oil Ice Cream 17 of 20
    olive oil ice cream adventures in cooking

    One of the most unusual (and delicious) uses for olive oil. It lends a luxurious texture and a very subtle, fruity taste to ice cream - unexpected yet irresistible.

    Image and recipe courtesy of Adventures In Cooking

  • Chocolate Blood Orange Cupcakes 18 of 20
    chocolate olive oil blood orange cupcakes f is for food

    These vegan cupcakes come by their bright pretty hue naturally, courtesy of the ample use of blood orange juice and zest (along with a generous helping of chocolate and walnuts too).

    Image and recipe courtesy of F For Food

  • Olive Oil Lemon Cookies 19 of 20
    olive oil lemon cookies juls kitchen

    The fruity flavor of olive oil marries beautifully with the lemon zest in these shortbread-like cookies.

    Image and recipe courtesy of Juls' Kitchen

  • Chocolate Glazed Doughnuts 20 of 20
    chocolate glazed doughnuts blogging over thyme

    These tender, decadent doughnuts are topped with a rich chocolate glaze and finished with a sprinkling of sea salt.

    Image and recipe courtesy of Blogging Over Thyme

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