25 Recipes Inspired by Scary Movies

Ever watch a movie and suddenly crave whatever it is the characters are eating? Don’t worry, it happens to all of us. You wouldn’t think you’d also crave whatever it is that’s murdering them, but you do. Don’t lie, people. Below are blood popsicles, grisly knife cookies, licorice wands, and an especially killer recipe for oven-roasted tomatoes. So, what are you waiting for? Fill your growling tummy with, well, other things that growl with these 26 recipes inspired by scary movies:

1. Ghostbusters: Slime Popcorn


When you get the urge for spooky snacks, who you gonna call? This Ghostbusters-inspired green slime popcorn offers a scary good twist on the snack. Rumor has it that if you eat a whole bowl in front of the mirror in a dark room, and say Bloody Murray three times, the busters will appear. Worth a shot! (But don’t cross the streams with that shot.)

(recipe via Babble)

2. The Others: Distractingly Delicious Yorkshire Pudding


Nicole Kidman’s character in the creepy flick The Others faced unimaginable horrors when the new housekeeper turned out to be more than she seemed. This classic English recipe for Yorkshire pudding will soothe your racing heartbeat. Eat up, and try not to think about those noises coming from the basement! (What’s going on down there, kids?)

(recipe via Babble)

3. The Shining: Bloody Knife-Shaped Cookies


All work and no cookies makes Mom a dull girl. It wouldn’t be Halloween without some kind of homage to The Shining. If there’s any chance of fending off a crazed murderer (or, ahem, hunger), a sharp weapon is a must. These deliciously spooky cookies are sure to do the trick. Heeeere’s yummy!

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4. Paranormal Activity 2: Pantry Poltergeist


Paranormal Activity 2 continues the chilling account of ghosts haunting real families’ homes. Remember the scene where the pantries explode, expelling their non-perishable contents? We shuddered, too. Maybe the poltergeist was looking to do some cooking. Not the alphabetized spice rack, anything but the alphabetized spice rack!

(recipe via Babble)

5. Twilight Breaking Dawn: Blood Orange Creamsicles


Cold to the touch and covered in crystals, these popsicles have Twilight written all over them. And, okay, so maybe these blood orange pops wouldn’t fully satisfy the Cullens’ dietary cravings in Twilight: Breaking Dawn, but this is as close as we’re willing to venture to a vampire diet.

(recipe via Babble)

6. Hocus Pocus: Witches Brew Soup and Cheesy, Garlic Broomsticks

Image source: Kathy Patalsky
Image source: Kathy Patalsky

Although considered a family film, we’re not gonna lie: Hocus Pocus still scares the pants off us. And while the bubbling brew in the movie was used by witches to suck the lives out of the children of Salem (Save them, Binx! We just have a lot of feelings about Binx, ok?), we recommend brewing this soup for a fun and considerably less life-sucking All Hallows’ Eve supper.

(recipe via Babble)

7. The Exorcist: Pea Soup with Mint


The scariest (or most disgusting) scene of The Exorcist? When demon-possessed Regan projectile vomits pea soup all over the priest. Yum, right? We just hope you have better luck keeping our mouthwatering recipe for it down … just to be sure, don’t have any before church, OK?

(recipe via Babble)

8. Batman: Batty Brownies


From the psychotic, disfigured Joker to the notorious criminals that plague Gotham City, the flicks from the Batman franchise can be surprisingly frightening. Enter batty brownies — the perfect bat-themed comfort food to keep nightmares at bay.

(recipe via Babble)

9. Cabin Fever: Fresh Squeezed Lemonade


A terrifying tale of five college pals who contract a flesh-eating virus, Cabin Fever begins and ends on a frightening note. Cue the final scene (spoilers) where two local kids collect infected water for their lemonade stand — inadvertently further spreading the mayhem. Is all this lemonade talk making you thirsty? Try our fresh-squeezed recipe … if you dare.

(recipe via Babble)

10. Se7en: Spaghetti with Mozzarella-Stuffed Meatballs


It’s not every day a thriller about a serial killer puts us in the mood for Italian. Fast forward to Se7en’s “gluttony” killing scene, where the victim is forced to eat spaghetti until he dies. Is that your stomach we hear rumbling (or churning)? Try this killer pasta dish — just don’t eat quite as many bowls and meatball responsibly.

(recipe via Babble)

11. Poltergeist: Steak with Mushroom Tequila Sauce


Outdated (and delightfully terrible) special effects are one of our favorite parts of ’80s horror movies. That’s why we love Poltergeist’s kitchen scene, where a scientist hallucinates that he’’s eating a maggot-infested piece of steak (who knew meat could dance so well?!). Grill up your own TV dinner with this delicious, bug-free recipe.

(recipe via Babble)

12. Hannibal: Roasted Cauliflower “Brains”


In a horrific scene from the 2001 psychological thriller, Dr. Hannibal Lecter cuts out pieces of a corrupt Justice Department official’s brain, sautés them, then feeds them to him. Try this mouthwatering brain-inspired dish. After all, we need all the real brains we can find to debate if it’s ridiculous or brilliant to name a cannibal Hannibal in this beloved franchise.

(recipe via Babble)

13. The Silence of the Lambs: Haggis


Dr. Hannibal Lecter strikes again. Who could forget his talk of eating a Census worker’s liver with fava beans and a nice Chianti? We have our own tasty recipe for liver, but our dish opts for chicken or beef liver, rather than human. (So we guess you could say it’s … people vegan?)

(recipe via Babble)

14. Harry Potter: Licorice Wands + Cockroach Clusters

The flicks from the spell-casting Harry Potter series are full of delightfully scary scenes involving goblins, dark magic, and wickedly evil wizards. Snack on these candy wands and cockroaches while watching, and you may catch yourself casting powerful incantations — accio sprinkles!

(recipe via Babble)

15. Zombieland: Zombie French Toast


For a movie that’s more fun than scary, look no further than Zombieland, a parody of the typical apocalyptic, flesh-eating zombie narrative. The film just happens to pair perfectly with this disturbingly delicious green zombie French toast. Braiiiiiiins … and some orange juice, please.

(recipe via Babble)

16. Psycho: Grilled Cheese


Don’t take this sandwich anywhere near the shower. It’ll get wet. With blood! Or, you know, probably water. (As a general rule shower sandwiches aren’t the best.) Hitchcock’s magnum opus of cinematic brilliance is a must-see on Halloween and, even though Norman Bates is such a creep about it, that grilled cheese really does look good … Remember, be very, very careful when cutting it into triangles.

(recipe via Babble)

17. Pet Sematary: Cookie Graveyard


Curiosity killed the cat … and his owners! This eerie film follows a family who moves into a new home near a pet cemetery. Despite warnings that the cemetery sits on top of an ancient Indian burial ground, they explore the area with the expectedly terrifying results. We bet you’ll have just as much trouble staying away from this tasty cookie graveyard!

(recipe via Babble)

18. Children of the Corn: Corn on the Cob


As much as we would hate to find ourselves chased by a gang of murderous children to a terrifying cornfield like in this ’80s thriller, we can’t deny that the eerie scene leaves us with a particular craving for corn. And, grilled or roasted, there’s no better way to eat it than on the cob! Plus, much more portable when fleeing for your lives.

(recipe via Babble)

19. Scream: Gourmet Popcorn


The popcorn in the opening moments of this chilling thriller parallels the scene’s action – things go from normal to out of control, and we just can’t stop watching and listening for sudden noises. We have some delicious recipes for upgrading your average bowl of popcorn, but we can’t promise what spooky surprises might pop up once you start.

(recipe via Babble)

20. Frankenweenie: Frankenstein Baked Peppers


“It’s alive!” Well, at least you can attempt to trick your guests into believing so. Not only are these monstrous peppers fun to make, but they’re also a healthy option during this month of heavy candy consumption.

(recipe via Babble)

21. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest: Bird’s Nest Macaroons


One flew east, one flew west … and we all went cuckoo for these Macaroon Bird’s Nests.

(recipe via Babble)

22. Beetlejuice: Shrimp Cocktail


One of the best moments in the movie is the dinner scene where the guests start singing and dancing to “The Banana Boat Song (Day-O).” Suddenly, this musical number is interrupted by the shrimp cocktail turning out to be a terrifying and handsy surprise. Let’s just say make sure the shrimp is … well … shrimp before serving it to your guests.

(recipe via Babble)

23. I Know What You Did Last Summer: Grilled Fish Tacos


The high school seniors in this horror flick spend their current summer by the docks being chased by a mysterious, threatening fisherman. What exactly did they do last summer? Serve these fish tacos and host a viewing party to find out!

(recipe via Babble)

24. Joy Ride: Candy Cane


Paul Walker’s character in Joy Ride plays a prank on a truck driver over a CB radio by pretending to be a young, attractive woman named “Candy Cane.” You’re going to need something sweet and comforting like this candy cane ice cream to get you through this thriller!

(recipe via Babble)

25. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes: Oven-Roasted Tomatoes


This recipe for oven-roasted tomatoes is killer. Not literally, like the ones in this comedy horror, of course. (In fact, ours were actually very friendly. By all means, introduce yourself.)

(recipe via Babble)

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