Season's Eatings: Gary & Elaine's Holiday Party Menu

Gary & Elaine, the uber sleek inhabitants of a the fictional Catalog Living blog have pulled out all the stops this year.  With the holidays right around the corner, they’ve decorated their design-perfect home with flair extraordinaire.

Bedecked, bedazzled, and bewilderingly full of haute ideas, here are a few of Gary & Elaine’s best holiday food moments.  Moments that remind us to relish our own imperfect simplicity.   If you’ve ever wished your holiday kitchen was immaculately clean, or impatiently wiped children’s messy fingerprints from the dinner table,  you may just come away from Gary & Elaine’s party feeling quite content with your less-than-ideal celebration.  Because, as it turns out, keeping up appearances may seem slick and stunning.  But perfection isn’t always what it’s wrapped up to be.

Behold the bounty…

Pulling another piece of walnut shell from his teeth and nearly choking on an olive pit,
Gary had to think there was a hint of sarcasm in Elaine’s choice of dinnerware.

Just a dash…

Gary’s dinner was over-seasoned to an inedible extent as a side effect to his aggressive effort to release the drowning Santas from their snow-globe-salt-and-pepper-shaker prisons.

Glass half-full…

Elaine always felt a little threatened by Gary’s enthusiastic choice of the Vixen glass, so she decided to make the moves on Donner this year.

Birds of a feather…

Elaine never liked those decorative parrots, and she hoped that placing the cooked turkey near them would drive home the idea that they could be next.

Bundle up…

Elaine was mortified that she didn’t have time to knit the other two bottles their hats and scarves in time for Christmas and knew they must be freezing.

Help yourself…

Guests at Gary and Elaine’s holiday party got the impression that they weren’t really being encouraged to try the cheese.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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