Seemingly Useless Kitchen Gadgets, but I Want Them Anyway

I daydream about As Seen On TV, and before having kids, when I had time to actually watch tv, I may have enjoyed an infomercial or two. What can I say? I’m a sucker for gadgetry. Although I do draw the line with some things. This holiday season I put together a list of what some might think of as useless, but I see as a must-have. Check out my wish list after the jump, and please tell me if I’m crazy, a genius, or what to add!

  • Popeil Pasta Maker 1 of 17
    Popeil Pasta Maker
    I know, I know, it's a mini appliance that only makes pasta, but it makes pasta!!! And once a year when the Italian uncles come to visit I can dust it off and pretend like I'm an Italian too.
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  • Swivel Store 2 of 17
    Swivel Store
    Must. Have. This. Item. Can you imagine all the extra space in your cupboard and how organized it would be? I think it would leave enough room to store the pasta maker.
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  • Robo Stir 3 of 17
    Robo Stir
    This may be the coolest thing I have ever seen. You gotta watch the video. It's the spoon of the!
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  • Batter Dispenser 4 of 17
    Batter Dispenser
    I have the old-school, simple, cone-shaped one. Now I want the fancy, new version because it's pretty and it looks much easier to use with the squeeze handle.
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  • Bake Pop Cake Pop Pan 5 of 17
    Bake Pop Cake Pop Pan
    I want to make REAL cake pops, not cake mixed with frosting and formed into a ball. Gross. This gives you the real deal, fresh baked cake in ball form and ready for my decorating pleasure.
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  • Corn Desilker 6 of 17
    Corn Desilker
    Those pesky corn silks drive me crazy! This is just the gadget to ease my mind and lessen the amount of corn product to floss out later.
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  • FoodSaver 7 of 17
    I just want to watch the air being sucked out of the bag. Actually, I tend to make enough food to feed a small village, so this would come in so handy for freezing - no more freezer burn kids!
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  • Rotary Grater 8 of 17
    Rotary Grater
    Because they have always looked cool to me, and it would be great for the kids because they can have fun grating their own cheese (I'm such a thoughtful mom). Oh wait, now I want two, no three, one for me and one for each kid because this is something I KNOW they will fight over. Sorry hubs, you are going to have to share with me
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  • Multi-use Citrus Pro 9 of 17
    Multi-use Citrus Pro
    Why have I never seen this? I heart multi-use gadgets and this little number has four uses. I can zest, curly zest, cut, and ream! Mom, put this is my stocking ... please.
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  • Non-stick Oven Liner 10 of 17
    Non-stick Oven Liner
    I've had countless apple pie spill-overs that are just a disaster. Picture me with a sponge, a bowl of warm soapy water and a metal spatula on my knees bending over into the oven scraping and scrubbing to get the caramelized apple pie drippings off. True story and with the non stick oven liner my story will end with me eating pie, not cleaning it up for hours.
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  • Cuisipro Scoop and Stack Ice Cream Scoop 11 of 17
    Cuisipro Scoop and Stack Ice Cream Scoop
    Anyone who grew up on Thrifty's ice cream can empathize with my need for this. Remember going into the local Thrifty's and picking out your flavor (mine was usually rocky road) and getting a cone with a cylinder scoop of ice cream? This will gadget will make me a kid again.
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  • Le Creuset Tagine 12 of 17
    Le Creuset Tagine
    This is my #1 want. You can make just about anything in it from brownies to slow roasted chicken. And it doesn't take as long as a crock pot to get that slow cooked flavor.
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  • Himalayan Salt Block 13 of 17
    Himalayan Salt Block
    I don't know why I keep coming back to this. Maybe it's just pretty. Maybe it's because I can cook a steak on it and make it super flavorful or serve a cold dessert on it, the uses are endless.
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  • Corn Stripper 14 of 17
    Corn Stripper
    I would love to not have corn flying everywhere. You know what I'm talking about, you go to cut the corn off the cob with a knife and those kernels start flying everywhere. This nifty gadget cuts them off into a neat little container. No more getting corn kernels stuck in my shoes.
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  • IceBlok 15 of 17
    No, it is not a spider web for your drink, it keeps the ice from slamming into your face for those last few sips. Just picture yourself with a tall glass of iced tea sipping away at the garden party without a care in the world because, after all, your ice is going to stay put. Cool, I know.
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  • Pizza Stone 16 of 17
    Pizza Stone
    I don't have one and I just want one. I'm tired of soggy crusts or somewhat crusty bottom with edges like hard tac.
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  • Ove Glove 17 of 17
    Ove Glove
    Another As Seen On TV sucker? I have small hands and those oven mitts are big and bulky and hard to do anything specific. These would be perfect for grabbing the handle of a pot while holding a strainer. Can you envision it?
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