Shaved Berry Ice And Berry Ice Smoothie

My kid had oral surgery yesterday and she was a champ! I’m serious, after general anesthesia, coming home and napping for 2 hours it was as if nothing had happened. The only problem was that I hadn’t stocked up on soft foods, like smoothie supplies and ice cream.  We got back from a trip the evening before and the cupboard and fridge were bare so we had to wing it. I think it was meant to be. The night before the surgery we went for a walk and our neighbor offered us lemons from her tree. Sylvie went and found a double lemon and wanted to make fresh lemonade out of it, so we did and this one lemon made a ton of juice! Cut to the following day post surgery hunger attack and request for a smoothie. Uh oh. Then I remembered I had made a ton of berry ice and still had plenty in the freezer. Those berry ice cubes and fresh lemonade made the most wonderful smoothies out there. They were so good we decided to make shaved ice out of just the berry ice. Those were equally delicious. Both were perfect post surgery food for Sylvie and perfect cool-off-on-a-hot-summer-day for Lincoln and I.

Look at the size of this double lemon!

This was taken the day of her oral surgery. Look at that happy girl!

Berry Ice Smoothie Recipe

Berry ice cubes

homemade lemonade (or store bought, but fresh is so good and easy)

Here’s how you make the berry ice. For lemonade we just squeeze lemons (1 or 2) and add water and agave to taste. Place 5 ice cubes in the blender and almost cover with lemonade. Blend until smooth. Pour into cup and enjoy!

Berry Shaved Ice Recipe

Berry ice

I have a small electric snow cone maker, but it was not shaving this ice, so I busted out my vintage Ice-O-Matic with a hand crank that shaves the ice. Worked like a charm and left it kind of chunky so it was extra delish.

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