Sheens Tiger Blood? Heres mine..

My Tiger Blood
My Tiger Blood

Hot topic: Charlie Sheen’s Tiger Blood. I’m not quite sure anyone really knows what the phrase means to Charlie. But in terms of a vibrant red drink that makes me glowing with energy and life. Well, here’s mine…

Dear Charlie, Tiger Blood is out. Pom Blood is in.

Amidst the media blitz that is “Charlie Sheen” you may have seen:

* The Charlie Sheen interviews.
* The Charlie Sheen Webcast, aka Sheen’s Korner.
* The Charlie Sheen catch phrases, aka #winning, #PlanBetter and #trolls.
* The Charlie Sheen Goddesses.

And I can’t really leave out Charlie Sheen’s Tiger Blood. He drinks it. Or he lives it. Or he has it running through his veins. I’m not quite sure. But when I saw him chugging a tall bottle of bright red liquid on his webcast. (Yes, I had to watch, but only for a few minutes before my brain started to turn to mush and I vowed to never use the word #winning again) – I had to wonder, what is he sipping??

Then my mind drifted away from Sheen and to my own “Tiger Blood” drink. Fresh-pressed pomegranate juice. Yup. Bright red, tart with flavor, packed with antioxidants and authentic “good for you stuff”. Pomegranate juice is an excellent source of potassium, vitamin K and is particularly high in three types of polyphenols (antioxidants): tannins, anthocyanins, and ellagic acid. Studies (I quoted one here) have shown that pomegranate juice may be effective in promoting prostate and cardiovascular wellness.

Might I suggest some “Pom Blood” to Mr. Sheen? Here’s my trick for easily pressing your very own fresh pom juice…

cut pomegranate

Tools: You will need a citrus press. I use an OrangeX juicer. (More info on it in this post) I love it. It can juice pomegranates the same way it juices oranges. You’ll just need a bit more muscle power since the pom rind is much firmer than citrus.

* Smaller pomegranates fit the Orange X juicer better.
* Juice when ripe, never juice a ‘harder’ under-ripe pomegranate.
* Drink right away or store in an airtight container in fridge for up to a few days.

Pom Juice Fresh
Fresh Pom Juice

Set one half of the pomegranate as you would an orange, in the juicer:

in position
in position

Crush it! not force the juicer though! Do a few light pumps of the handle and you may need to twist the pomegranate around once or twice to get all the seeds.

crushing pom
crushing pom


Pom Juice Fresh
Pom Juice Fresh
Sheen's Tiger Blood
Tiger blood, er, Pom Blood?
Article Posted 6 years Ago

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