Simple Fall-inspired Afterschool Snacks Kids Will Love

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I have three kids on three different schedules. Add work and dinner prep to my plate and the last thing I need to think about are snacks, to say nothing of the clean up. After school snacks must be fast, healthy, exiting and low-maintenance. If possible, they should double for a lunch item the next day. So lately I’ve been coming up with some new simple snack ideas to get the kids excited and involved in making their food. This is a great way for us to spend time together while I prep dinner. The kids enjoy the creativity and it’s a seamless transition into homework time.

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    Image Credits: Macki Cayloma West

  • Peanut Butter Rice Cake Fruit Flavored Snack 2 of 9

    Hi my name is Lincoln and I'm just crazy giggly and super happy. I'm super happy because my mom surprised me with the coolest after school snack ever. It's even better than monster trucks, better than a monster truck airplane.


    Um, if you know my kid this is saying a lot, like a lotta lot. I mean, a monster truck airplane?! That's his nirvana and I somehow beat it with this simple little snack that took about 30 seconds to make and  it's healthy to boot. All I did was spread peanut butter on a rice cake and topped it with Mott's Medleys. I love days like this, when I get an A+ in parenting.

  • Apple + Cheddar + Ham Rolls 3 of 9

    This simple snack — using in-season apples — is not so simple on flavor. I got all kind of compliments and "best snack ever" comments from my kids. Take this to another level of fun by prepping all the ingredients and assemble them with your kids.

    Make Apple + Cheddar + Ham Rolls.

  • Fruit Flavored Snacks & Cheese Kabobs 4 of 9

    Kids and food on sticks are like little boys and mud, they are just drawn to each other by irresistible attraction. This cute little snack we made together. I gave the kids a butter knife and some string cheese and cheddar cheese sticks. They got the awesome job of slicing the cheese, then assembling the kabobs. They are cheese and Mott's Medleys Fruit Flavored Snacks (in fun fall colors!), adorable and delish.

  • Yogurt With Fruit Flavored Snack Hidden Treasure 5 of 9

    Getting my kid to eat something good for him isn't always easy. He would much rather have a bowl of cookies with a pixie stick chaser than eat something healthy. Ok, that's what I would rather eat, my kid has never had a pixie stick because I eat them all before he gets home. Anyway, we came up with this super fun game where I hide some Mott's Medleys Fruit Flavored Snacks in a cup of yogurt and he gets to find them as he eats his way to the bottom. Hooray for fun while eating good for you food!

  • Fruit Flavored Snack Parfait 6 of 9

    I tried to play the "Find the Mott's© Medleys in the yogurt" game with my daughter, here's what she had to say…Mom, do I look like a kid? I don't need to play games to eat something good for me. I need a sophisticated snack (eyeroll)…Seriously?! She's seven and a half, she's in second grade! Yes, I'm in trouble. So we gussied up the hide and seek game by turning it into a parfait and placing it in a fancy glass. All we had to do was place a layer of granola and top with Mott's© Medleys. She then scarfed it down, eating like her four year old brother. 

  • Trail Mix Fixins 7 of 9

    Trail mix is such a huge hit with my kids that I keep my pantry stocked with nuts and granola and dried fruits. I let them go to the shelf (which is at their level), pick out what they want and build their own. This time we added Mott's© Medley's to the mix, a new favorite. Check out how healthy this combo my kid made is. She's got walnuts, pecans, almonds, toasted coconut chips, granola and Mott's© Medley's. Way to make momma proud, girl!

  • Apple & Cheddar Quesadilla 8 of 9

    This is comfort food in snack form. It's all warm and yummy with the apple and cheddar just giving you a big hug inside. I could eat the everyday and I could make this everyday because it's beyond easy.

    Make Apple & Cheddar Quesadilla.

  • Smoothie Cocktail 9 of 9

    Why does September (the first month of fall!) have to be the hottest month of the year for us? The kids suffer through these hot days while sitting in the classroom, I suffer while waiting on the blacktop for class to get out. We all melt and head home to cool off with a nice frosty smoothie. We love the after school smoothie snack and for added deliciousness I skewered some Mott's©  Medleys. The kids got a kick out of dipping them into the frozen drink and slurping them off.

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