6 Reasons Why the Surface Tablet Is My New Babysitter

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Before anyone gets up in arms, hear me out on the title above. I am a working stay-at-home mom, meaning I work out of the house.  I also have a 4-year-old little boy who constantly wants my attention.  It seems that every time I am in the kitchen cooking or baking or cleaning or taking photos of food, my son decides it is his turn to have some one on one time. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of mommy and me time we share, but I have to work, too, and my boy requires a heck of a lot of attention.  Finding that balance between working and mothering is a fine line especially when you sometimes never leave the home all day.

I was looking back at pictures from a year ago where I was chopping and piling up dishes in the sink, and right to my side is my son tugging at my arm.  That was the norm for me back then. It wasn’t until recently when I got the Surface tablet that my universe completely changed.  I found the most amazing apps on my Surface that not only entertain my son, they also educate him while keeping  him technologically current all while helping his hand/eye coordination.  I set him up at the kitchen table as I cook and he plays games or learns to play piano.  I get my work done and I can keep a close eye on him while he focuses on the screen at hand.

I can’t express the delight it gives me to know that we can both work together in the same room in perfect harmony.

Like I said, its the new babysitter, and I’m a happy mom.

  • Before The Surface 1 of 8

    This is the before shot. My life without the Surface and me struggling to get it all done while my son tries his best to get Mommy to come play again. 

  • Life With The Surface 2 of 8

    Fast forward to a year later.... my son is completely entertained and learning at the same time on the surface while I work just a few feet away. I could still keep a close eye on him, and yet get recipes done or even photograph a dish.  He will plays and asks questions perfectly exploring on his own. 

  • Kids Song Machine 3 of 8

    I love this fun interactive musical app. He can choose what song he wants to hear. Once the song is playing by touching the screen he can make lights turn on or make the kids scream. It is stimulating and educational with the lyrics to the song appearing as the song goes. Making those words familiar to the viewer. 

  • Guru Cool Playschool 4 of 8

    This app for Windows 8.1 is spectacular. Now I know why it is rated the highest educational Windows app. It helps with early problem solving, shape puzzles, letters and phonics, numbers and counting, but my favorite is the tracing portion. It really helps my son follow the lines with his fingers and learn to trace. With this app he will be on his way to writing and reading in no time. 

  • My Tooth Fell Out 5 of 8

    This is not only a book, it's also a game. With an audio and read-along feature your child can stop along the way and interact with the characters in the book and play games or follow instructional activities. It's a super-cute story that speaks to preschool-aged children about the loss of the first baby tooth. My son seriously enjoys it, and so do I. 

  • Sesame Street Memory Match 6 of 8

    I got him this match game to help him build his memory. It is great that it is provided in characters that he is familiar with and easy for him to identify. This game captures his attention and is a confidence builder with a score keeper on the side. 

  • Baby Piano 7 of 8

    This app is made with an older child in mind, but I see no harm in letting him get acquainted with the keys and sounds. It is interesting to hear him tinker around with the keys, and let the music speak for the way his mind works. This is probably one of my favorite apps for my son. 

  • Another Happy Customer 8 of 8

    The Surface has not only made my life easier... It has made my son very happy and in turn me a more productive Mom. Did I mention he plays Mahjong, too?


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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