60 Second Blueberry Breakfast Crepes

Let’s be honest. This picture to the left is not how breakfast looks in my house. It’s is how a single plate of breakfast looks in my house. There is always one photo-ready plate that gets the spa treatment. A gentle dollop of whipped cream atop fresh blueberry crepes. A sprig of fresh mint. It’s a gorgeous idea, but it’s not my life.

Nope. Breakfast at my house is probably a lot like breakfast at your house. There are whiny kids with bed-rumpled hair. Dishes in the sink. A chihuahua on the loose. To prove this, I’m posting photos of what breakfast this morning was really like in the McLay household (after the jump).  You’ll see quite clearly, I’ve got no magical formula for making breakfast less hectic, but I have figured out how you and I can get warm crepes on our kitchen tables in less than a minute.

While I adore homemade crepes, they can be such a hassle to make. So I’ve started purchasing a couple packs of pre-made crepes and keeping them in the freezer. Because crepes are so thin, they can microwaved in a matter of seconds, and topped with fresh fruit even faster, making your hectic morning a little more relaxing.

60-Second Blueberry Breakfast Crepes
1 package premade crepes
1 cups fresh or frozen blueberries
1/4 cup sugar
1 container of Cool Whip or ReddiWhip

Step 1: Heat crepes in microwave until warm.
Step 2: Combine blueberries and sugar. Microwave until sugar dissolves and a warm syrup forms.
Step 3: Fold crepes into quarters. Slather with butter, if desired.
Step 4: Spoon warm blueberry sauce atop. Dollop with whipped cream.

To see what we were doing with our crepes this morning, scroll over the photo’s below for a description.

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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