20 Sleepover Party Recipes

Summer means sleepovers, and when it comes to kids who love to party into the night, they snack way more than they slumber.

Lucky for you, creating a memorable late-nigh menu has never been easier. We rounded up the most fun, most delicious, and more “extra” recipes for a night your kids and their friends will be talking about for summers to come. Let’s get cooking!

1. Birthday Cake Pop-Tarts

birthday cake pop-tarts
Image source: Babble

Perfect for birthdays (obviously) or simply a celebration of a sweet, sweet summer, these fun and flavorful treats are stuff of sleepover legend. (via Babble)

2. Pull-Apart Pizza Bread

pull-apart pizza bread
Image source: Mercedes Santana | Babble

Craving pizza? Skip the delivery and gather little chefs in the kitchen instead! Kids will just love kids tearing the bread apart and sharing every warm cheesy bite. (via Babble)

3. Rainbow Yogurt Bark

rainbow yogurt bark
Image source: Ian Tilghman | Babble

Snack on a refreshing treat that is as delicious as it is colorful! These frozen bites are the perfect companion to a hot summer day — or night. (via Babble)

4. PB&J Fries

pb&j fries
Image source: IAN TILGHMAN | Babble

These PB&J Fries add a sweet, yet crispy twist to our beloved classic sandwich. Dip this recipe into either a maple syrup or jelly icing for added goodness. (via Babble)

5. Caramel PopCones

caramel popcones
Image source: Babble

Take your regular microwaved popcorn up a notch with this easy caramel corn recipe. It’s extra cute (and less messy) in an ice cream cone complete with frosting and sprinkles. (via Babble)

6. Grilled Cheese Roll-Ups

Grilled cheese roll-ups
Image source: Babble

Ooey-gooey and oh-so-yummy. This modern twist (or rather, roll) on a comfort food classic will have kids begging for seconds and thirds. (via Babble)

7. Worms and Dirt

For a sweet treat as fun as the great outdoors, go with gummy worms, chocolate pudding, and Oreos in glass jars! (via Babble)

8. Tater Tot Waffles

tater tot waffles
Image Source: Brooke McLay

These crispy tater waffles are the perfect grab-and-go side for summer worth savoring. (via Babble)

9. 3-Ingredient Pretzel Cookies

pretzel cookies
Image source: Sheri Silver

Indulge in the savory-sweet goodness of these cute cookies! Festive and party perfect, these bite-sized wonders might just be the life of your slumber party. (via Babble)

10. Taco Pop-Tarts

taco pop-tarts
Image source: Sheri Silver

Filled with ground beef, corn, and beans, these perfectly portable taco pop-tarts are kid-approved and hearty enough to give them the energy they need to party well into the summer night. (via Babble)

11. Rainbow Fruit Plate

rainbow fruit plate
Image source: Elizabeth Stark

A fruit plate almost too pretty to eat! Kids can literally taste the rainbow with this healthy, fresh, and tasty summer treat. (via Babble)

12. Funfetti Mallomars

funfetti mallomars
Image source: Sheri Silver | Babble

Can you say party on a plate? How about party in your mouth? Either way, these spinkled treats add real color and flavor to any late-night snack. (via Babble)

13. Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Mac and Cheese

hot cheeto mac and cheese

What happens when you combine kid favorites mac and cheese and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos? Magic. This spicy take on a comfort classic might just become part of your regular meal rotation. (via Babble)

14. Frozen Yogurt Bites

frozen yogurt bites
Image source: Brooke Mclay

What refreshes, pleases large crowds, and can be made with only two ingredients? Froyo bites! (via Babble)

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