Slow Cooker Challenge: Asian Pulled Pork Sandwich (Banh Mi)

Last summer while visiting family in southern Oregon all the ladies went to lunch at C St Bistro and I had the most amazing Asian pulled pork sandwich. I went back to Oregon over the holidays and it was closed; devastation. I can’t stop thinking about this sandwich so I am going to recreate it. And this is the perfect week because over at The Naptime Chef and Small Kitchen College they’re having a slow cooker challenge. After scouring the web for inspiration for my own asian pulled pork and Banh Mi sandwiches (what this sandwich is based on) I’ve come up with my own version of deliciousness. Not only is my craving satisfied, my husband said I nailed it and asked for it once a week. Read more after the jump…

  • Daikon Radishes! 1 of 20
    Daikon Radishes!
    Sylvie loves that you can't even see her through the Diakon forrest.
  • Scrubbing Carrots 2 of 20
    Scrubbing Carrots
    This is the perfect way to get your little ones started in the kitchen - kids LOVE playing in the water. As soon as my kids could stand I had them washing veggies.
  • Grating The Radish 3 of 20
    Grating The Radish
    Sylvie has practiced grating with me many times and now can do it on her own, as I watch very closely.
  • And Some Carrot Too 4 of 20
    And Some Carrot Too
    This grater from ikea is awesome. It's got rubber on the bottom so it doesn't slip and all the shreds go directly into the bowl. A must have for little shredders!
  • Giving The Diakon Radish A Try 5 of 20
    Giving The Diakon Radish A Try
    Even with the stinky odor! Sometimes I wonder how I got such good eaters, I would not have tried that as a kid! I think it's the cooking with me that sparks both the kids interest.
  • Peeling GInger 6 of 20
    Peeling GInger
    We learned the best way to peel ginger. With a spoon!
  • Look what Sylvie did! 7 of 20
    Look what Sylvie did!
    She was so proud to have gotten all the skin off with a spoon. I love this trick because there are no sharp edges.
  • Squeezing Limes 8 of 20
    Squeezing Limes
    This can be a tough job. In order to get all the juice out I usually put my hand on the lime and have her press down and twist.
  • All Squeezed 9 of 20
    All Squeezed
    A job well done by Sylvie girl.
  • Making Cucumber Ribbons 10 of 20
    Making Cucumber Ribbons
    She is an experienced peeler and using this palm peeler makes her feel more confident. And what kid doesn't want to make ribbons out of veggies? (try this with carrots!)
  • Cucumber Ribbon Tongue 11 of 20
    Cucumber Ribbon Tongue
    Kid are adorable. I think she ate more ribbons than we made!
  • Grating Ginger 12 of 20
    Grating Ginger
    I just got a brand new microplane and did not want her using it, but she insisted I let her give it a try. Both my husband and I were within inches!
  • Toasting Bread 13 of 20
    Toasting Bread
    After brushing on a layer of canola oil, place the bread on a griddle.
  • Thai Sweet Chili Sauce 14 of 20
    Thai Sweet Chili Sauce
    Add as much or as little as your heat index can take. I'm kind of a spice wimp, but I slathered this on because I just can't resist.
  • Pulled Pork Layer 15 of 20
    Pulled Pork Layer
    Give yourself a nice big helping of the good stuff.
  • Pickled Diakon And Carrots 16 of 20
    Pickled Diakon And Carrots
    Try not to eat it all before layering it on your sandwich.
  • Adding Cucumber and Green Onion 17 of 20
    Adding Cucumber and Green Onion
    I like folding the cucumbers, it's tastes better and looks so pretty.
  • Fresh Cilantro 18 of 20
    Fresh Cilantro
    I must admit, I am not a fan of cilantro. A friend calls it Satans leaf, perfect. It was darn good without it. The hubs and kids liked it with.
  • All Finished And Served With Kale Chips 19 of 20
    All Finished And Served With Kale Chips
    Are you drooling? I barely got this photo because my kids were attacking the plate. You should see all the heads and fingers in half my shots!
  • Little Dude Likes it! 20 of 20
    Little Dude Likes it!
    He FINALLY gets his sandwich...and devours it.

Get the full recipe over at Cooking With My Kid

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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