Snail Spirals Healthy Lunchbox Recipe

snail spirals
snail spirals!

Try my fun and easy Snail Spirals! This recipe is healthy-lunchbox-approved. Kid-approved too. Snails for lunch?? Oh yea!..

And these spunky spirals will help you beat sandwich boredom. But don’t let the name confuse you. There is nothing ‘slow’ about making these bites. This is one speedy idea to add to your lunch-packing recipe rotation. Call them snappy snail spirals..

Packed with healthy veggies, hummus and spices – you can easily make these spirals your own by changing up the filling ingredients with whatever is in your fridge. Plus, this vegetarian lunch idea is a fun way to get kids and adults to eat their veggies! See how easy and delicious it is to have a healthy lunchbreak..

Easy Healthy Lunch
Easy Healthy Lunch

Snail Spirals How-to
You’ll need:
lavash wrap (flat, rectangle, ultra thin pita-like bread.)
hummus, any flavor
a variety of raw veggies and fillings

1. spread the hummus on the lavash wrap – thinly and evenly.
2. Add your fillings.
3. Roll.
4. Slice into one inch thick rolls.

Lunch Packing Tip: Skewer the rolls on a long wooden kabob stick to keep the spirals in tact. Or use flat tupperware and lay the rolls flat like sushi.

Try the recipe shown in the photos: Easy Hummus Spinach Edamame Snail Spirals

Recipe Ideas:
Try these ingredients..
sliced avocado
shredded carrots
cubed tofu
sliced onions
mixed greens
mashed sweet potato
roasted red peppers
sliced apple
sunflower seeds
..and many more! This is a fun recipe to use whatever is left in your veggie/fruit bins in your fridge. You can also get the kids involved and let them choose their own spiral ingredients.

You can really add just about anything you’d like.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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