Snapple's Amazing Race Flavor: Papaya Mango Tea

If you’re a fan of The Amazing Race, then you probably saw them debut a new Snapple flavor a few weeks ago: Snapple Papaya Mango Tea. I recently had the opportunity to sample the Snapple flavor, which blends green and black teas with natural papaya and mango flavors.

I’m a big iced tea fan, but I have to admit I rarely put anything more than a lemon in my tea. I’m kind of a purist that way, and I was afraid I’d find the Snapple overly sweet. I studied the label, noticing that above the “Snapple” there was an “All Natural.” Turning it around, I saw the ingredients in my Snapple experiment were filtered water, sugar, citric acid, tea and natural flavors. Pleasantly surprised I wouldn’t have to deal with the HFCS debate, I pressed on.

I poured myself a glass over ice, and I took a sip. Then I went back for more. While the papaya mango tea is definitely a sweet tea, I didn’t find the flavor overwhelming as so many are. It also didn’t have that syrupy quality you’ll find in soda. Instead, it was light and refreshing. While it’s definitely more on the sweet side, I’d happily sip on The Amazing Race tea while enjoying the warm weather or going on my own racing adventure over soda. Plus, it would pair perfectly with picnic food, and I’ve been a bit distracted by all the picnic ideas lately.

Want to try The Amazing Race Snapple Papaya Mango Tea for yourself? You can save $1 on your purchase when you head to The Amazing Race website and grab the printable coupon, but hurry! The flavor is available for a limited time only.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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