Snickers Salad. The Potluck Dish Everyone Loves.

candy16Potlucks are like national surveys.  They make it pretty clear when the masses have spoken.  I happen to have a raging fear of potlucks.  I am terrified to be the one person whose dish remains untouched.

You know what I’m talking about.  Everyone at the potluck party is chatting, they line up, grab paper plates, feign conversation while eyeballing the table full of offerings, pick up slotted spoons, add a few selections to their plates with cautious discrimination.  Before long, it’s clear–85.7% of the potluckers dig Strawberry Salad.  2.2% of party goers attempted to poke at the wilted green beans.

Don’t be the poor sap who totes home an untouched bowl of potluck fare.  At our last family gathering, my sister-in-law made a bowl of this salad, and I arrived at the food table to find a group of women leaning over the empty bowl.  “  What is this?!  It’s incredible?! It’s so good!  I couldn’t stop eating it!  Do you have more?”  They raved, and raved, and raved,  joining the 99.9% of potluck attendees who all agree…Snickers Salad is a guaranteed hit.

Snickers Salad
1 (8 oz.) container of Cool Whip
1 (3.3 oz) packet of White Chocolate Instant Pudding
4-6 granny smith apples, diced
20 small Snicker’s bars, or 3 standard sized Snickers bars, diced

Spoon the entire tub of Cool Whip into a large bowl.  Sprinkle the packet of pudding over the Cool Whip, then use a whisk to combine the two together.  Stir in apples and Snickers bars.  Serve immediately, or refrigerate for up 8 hours.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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