Soba 7 Ways: Tasty Noodle Bowls Made At Home



Have you ever tried soba noodles? Do you know what soba is? After I posted the recipe for this Soba Noodle Stir Fry I heard from readers that they have always wanted to try soba but didn’t know what to make with it. Or that they love soba but don’t cook with it often. I can relate to those comments. I love soba and always enjoy a good noodle bowl, but don’t seem to make it enough. A stir fry meal tossed with soba noodles comes together so quickly and the health benefits in a dish like that are of none other. If you didn’t already know, soba is made from buckwheat which is high in protein (among other nutritional benefits) and does not contain wheat at all (which you may not have thought considering it’s name) so is perfect for those following a gluten free diet.

If you are feeling adventurous and want to try soba for the first time or if you just need some inspiration, check out these 7 delicious soba noodle bowls you can make at home:

  • Veggie Box Stir Fry 1 of 7

    Play with what's in your produce drawer! A simple stir fry tossed in soba noodles is a perfect weeknight dinner your family will enjoy.
    Make veggie box stir fry

  • Cold Sesame Noodles 2 of 7

    Warm weather is on it's way and so are nights when all you want is a cold pasta salad. Use soba noodles in this tasty and simple Asian classic dish.
    Make cold sesame soba noodles

  • Last Minute Sesame Noodles 3 of 7

    Easily substitute soba noodles into this colorful and light bowl of veggies. The edamame adds a nice punch of protein.
    Makelast minute sesame noodles

  • Sesame Tofu Noodle Bowl 4 of 7

    This dish is great for those new to tofu. The sesame coating gives the tofu and delicious crunch. Pair up that crisp tofu with rich peanut butter sauce and fresh vegetables and you have yourself a winner.
    Make sesame tofu noodle bowl

  • Soba Noodle Stir Fry 5 of 7

    Another quick stir fry noodle bowl chock full of veggies. Who needs take out when you can make something like this at home?
    Make soba noodle stir fry

  • Chilled Wasabi Peanut Citrus Soba Noodles with Mushrooms 6 of 7

    If you are feeling a little adventurous this kicked up noodle dish is for you. And it's vegan!
    Make wasabi peanut soba noodles with mushrooms

  • Peanut Lime Soba Noodles 7 of 7

    This one is for all the peanut butter lovers out there! You'll love the refreshing sauce combination of lime and peanuts, topped with salt and pepper tofu triangles for additional protein.
    Make peanut lime soba noodles

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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