Soothing the Stomach Flu

We’ve wrestled with the stomach flu all weekend.  My daughter has had a three-day bug, and it’s been a bad one.  Poor dear.  She’s been dehydrated, dizzy, and woozy, unable to keep anything down.  That is, unable to keep anything down until I remembered my stash of B.R.A.T drinks.  These mild-tasting drinks, based on the classic cure for nausea–the banana’s, rice, applesauce, toast diet–came to my sick little chickadee’s rescue, and just in time.  She didn’t like the flavors of Pedialyte, couldn’t stomach the taste of a banana, and wouldn’t touch a bowl of applesauce.  But, she craved the soothing comfort (and nourishing electrolytes) of these B.R.A.T drinks.

Designed by mom and dad team, Greg and Ilsa Toepfer, when their own children were suffering with the stomach flu and craving milk (a big stomach-flu diet no-no), the Toepfer’s wondered if they could replicate the BRAT diet essentials, combining them to create a dairy-like drink.  Using organic brown rice as the base, then adding banana puree and apple puree, and an electrolyte-balanced ratio of vitamins and minerals.  Sure enough, they’d hit on a remarkable idea.  One that not only soothed their children’s stomachs, but one that soon earned them the “Most Innovative Product of the Year” at the 2009 Boston Natural Products Expo.

In addition to soothing flu-riddled tummys, the B.R.A.T drinks are also perfect for children going through chemotherapy, and for children and adults with digestive disorders and on other special diets.  After seeing them work their magic  with my sick daughter’s tummy this weekend, we are officially adding our family on the B.R.A.T drink fan list, with the Cinnamon Toast flavor being our favorite.

To find where B.R.A.T Diet Drinks are sold near you, please visit their website by clicking here.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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