Speedy Taco Toast

taco toasts
taco toasts

Beans are an excellent source of vegetarian protein, and refried beans (which are often found in Mexican dishes like burritos, nachos, tacos and more) are a delicious way to serve up healthy bean goodness! You are probably familiar with beans in tacos — but how about taking a few taco-filling ingredients and spreading them onto easy, healthy toasted bread? Toss the fried shell! I like to think of my refried bean taco toasts as the Mexican-infused form of hummus toast. This speedy lunch idea is one to try!..

Taco shells are often fried. And most burrito or soft taco tortillas are made from processed grains like white flour. By using toasted bread instead of these traditional vehicles for taco toppings – you can choose hearty, whole grain breads that are filling and flavorful.

I made a vegan version of taco toasts. You can really add whatever toppings you get inspired by. But the key is to use the refried beans as the base so that all those yummy toppings stick! Kind of as you would use hummus on a sandwich or toast.

Speedy Taco Toast
makes two toasts

1/4 cup vegan refried beans (canned)
2 slices of toast (I used gluten-free sprouted grain bread)
6 slices avocado, thinly sliced
1-3 slices tomato
a few pinches of chopped cilantro
optional: salsa on the side

other topping ideas: sliced olives, diced bell pepper, guacamole, vegan cheese shreds or sour cream, diced onion, jalapeno and more!

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