Spring Equinox Slimdown Sips

health juice
Orange Health Juice is what I call this!

Celebrate the Spring Equinox by adding a few healthy, slimming sips to your diet. Because if you’re lucky enough to find yourself swept away to a sunny beach-side location this spring, you’ll want to be ready. And even if you’re not trying to prep for a week in a bathing suit – spring equinox is the perfect time to lighten up your diet, focus on getting healthy – and getting rid of the not-so-healthy foods you may have been indulging in a tad too much this winter. Spring cleaning for your diet. But you don’t need to follow a strict diet plan to slim down.

Instead of focusing on deprivation and what you can’t have – focus on making smart healthy food choices – the food you can indulge in! Lots of fresh veggies, fruits, whole grains, legumes, seeds, nuts and try to resist indulging in fried, processed foods that are high in fat and/or low in nutrients and low in fiber. High-nutrient foods are your key to feeling satisfied! And one way to get a high dose of nutrients in one swift sip is through fresh pressed juice or a fruit smoothie. So lug that juicer out from under the counter, shine up your blender – and lets get juicing and blending for spring! Here are a few fave recipes..

lower calorie juices
lower cal juices - spicy jicama and cucumber mint

Diet Juices. Fresh-pressed juice is packed with nutrients. It’s like a eating a huge fruit or veggie salad in one swift sip. Although juice lacks the fiber of smoothies – this can be helpful if you simply need a bold boost of energy without taxing your digestive system. I love fresh pressed juice first thing in the morning. It energizes me – yet keeps me feeling light to attack the day.

Slimming Smoothies. The great part about a smoothie is that it is not only packed with nutrients – but also fiber. This will help keep you feeling full. That’s why I like smoothies along side a light lunch or snack in the late afternoon – or even for breakfast if I know I have a long morning ahead of me. Smoothies are fabulous because you can add all sorts of ‘healthy stuff’ to them. I like to add on occasion: aloe vera juice, spirulina, soy or hemp protein powder, flax oil, hemp oil, vitamin boosters, probiotic rich yogurt, greensuper food powders, apple cider vinegar and more. My Smoothie FAQ’s.

..but here’s the warning for smoothie and juice sippers – you still have to watch your portion control (especially with juice). A tall glass of juice one time a day is great – but since juice is high in calories compared to its lack of fiber – you don’t want to be adding juice to every meal if you are trying to slim down for spring. Smoothies are the same. You don’t need a super-sized smoothie to feel full. But the great part of these delicious healthy recipes is that if you are feeling an unhealthy craving coming on – you can reach for these alternatives and get a healthier form of satisfaction and flavor.

Juice Recipe for the Spring Equinox

1. Green Juice!’s not just spinach and wheat grass guys! It’s delicious. Apples, kiwi, ginger, pear and more can be added to your green juice blend. This green sip is incredibly energizing and packed with nutrients and live enzymes.

2. PineCelCarGin Juice – the name says it all! This bright orange health juice is packed with a diverse array of energizing nutrients. More info in the post.

3. Fresh Pineapple Juice – so much better than the stuff that comes from a can. Fresh pineapple juice is tangy and sweet and rich in the digestive enzyme bromelain.

4. AM Sunrise Juice – if you are into grapefruit you will love this sweet and zesty morning blend. sunrise optional. (drink it at noon – I won’t tell.)

5. Papaya Juice – papayas bring with them a lot of juice – and nutrients – and the live enzyme papain. Plus it’s pink juice. So it will look oh so pretty sitting at your desk – or in your hand poolside. Papayas are my personal favorite morning fruit – so this juice really hits the spot when I’m on the go!

6. Lower Calorie Juices – OK, so for all you hardcore spring break preppers – give these low calorie juice blends a try. Flavors: Spicy Jicama, Ginger cantaloupe and Mint Cucumber.

7. Apple Lemon Spinach – this is a staple juice in my house. Sweetness of apple combined with the zest of lemon and grassy nutrients of spinach. Delicious!

8. Fresh Pressed Pomegranate Juice – rich in antioxidants. A small glass of this will energize your body for sure!

Smoothies for Spring Break 2011

1. Triple Threat Acai Smoothie

2. Strawberry Frosted Pink Lemonade

3. Spring Forward Shake! with a healthy secret ingredient that will make this shake taste like a milkshake – but it’s not.

4. Strawberry Banana Soy Smoothie – a classic recipe to remind you of how much you love a good smoothie.

5. Wild Blueberry Kickstart Smoothie – rev up your energy with this spicy sweet blend of frosty fruity blue goodness.

6. Pinky Sweet Smoothie – pomegranate and strawberry infused soy smoothie. Pink!

7. Almond Banana Shake – for a creamy treat, instead of eating ice cream, try this shake! I think you’ll be in love with the cravable flavor and texture.
Cheers to Spring Equinox everyone! Hope you have many sunny, silly, cheery, playful and happy spring days ahead of you.

acai smoothie
acai smoothie
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it's fruity smoothie season!
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deskside smoothie? approved!
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