Sprinkle Cones!

My middle boy is not a fan of cake (what?!) and we are having a little end of preschool party that needs a Lincoln approved sweet treat. He begged for vanilla ice cream and I decided to dress up this boring dessert by turning basic cones into a fun party statement. Sprinkles cone are beyond easy to make (your kids can do it for you!) and create a bright and delicious addition to your ice cream.

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  • What You Need 2 of 5

    Cones - either plain or sugar. I had plain and the edges were busted up which doesn't matter because they are about to be covered in chocolate and sprinkles!
    Melting chocolate - I used the kind you find in the produce section next to the strawberries and chose white chocolate.

  • Dip The Cone 3 of 5

    Melt the chocolate according to the package instructions and dip the top of the cone into the melted chocolate. I used a spoon to cover the sides and even it out.

  • Sprinkling 4 of 5

    After each cone is dipped cover with sprinkles. I chose not to roll the cone in sprinkles and just shook the bottle over the cone and rotated it. Any loose sprinkles were caught in a bowl. The last cone was covered in what was left in the bowl.

  • Finished 5 of 5

    They are so fun and festive and ready to be filled with ice cream and devoured. 

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