St Patricks Day Recipe: Minty Creme Cocoa!

Minty Creme Cocoa
Minty Creme Cocoa

One of my favorite recipes for St Patrick’s Day – for when it’s ‘way too cold to still be March’ is this Minty Creme Cocoa. Peppermint-infused velvety hot cocoa is warm and cooling all at the same time. A spiral of whipped cream on top and some fresh mint to garnish. So even if mid-March is ‘way-too-cold-to-be-March’  – you can still have a happy St Patrick’s Day with this recipe..
Warm up little leprechauns! With this happy St Patrick’s Day recipe!

This cocoa is infused with two varieties of mint. Peppermint Extract and fresh mint. I really love the sweet, grassy, minty tones that the fresh mint brings to the cocoa.

Soy Cocoa. When I made these cocoas I used vegan ingredients including soy milk and soy whipped cream. Perfectly velvety and delicious. I also used a very high quality dark chocolate cocoa for optimal antioxidants! Because yes, cacao is infused with plenty of antioxidants if you use a high quality brand. Those dusty supermarket packs just won’t cut it for max antioxidants. Choose a dark chocolate cocoa – preferably one that has a high cacao percentage.

My vegan cocoa guide or Non-Dairy Milk 101 if you’d like to try a dairy-free version as well. Otherwise, you can use whatever milk/cream you have in your fridge.

Minty Creme Cocoa!
makes two mugs

2 3/4 cups soy milk
4-5 Tbsp sweetened cocoa mix (the amount you would use for 2 servings)
*I used Vosges vegan Couture Cocoa
1/8 tsp peppermint extract
3 sprigs mint

whipped cream
fresh mint


1. Heat the milk in a pot. stir the cocoa mix into the milk over medium heat.

2. Add 2 sprigs of mint and peppermint extract.

3. I like to whip my cocoa with a beater or milk frother. Makes the cocoa light and airy.

4. Lastly, strain the cocoa into two mugs – or pour and remove any large mint leaves – a few bits are OK if you don’t mind them.

5. Garnish with whipped cream – let it melt a bit then add a fresh swirl right on top. This gives a minty cream effect.

6. Garnish: fresh mint sprig. Serve hot!

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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