St. Patty’s Day Fun In Seconds! The 10 Easiest Foods to Tint Green Are Already in Your Fridge

Woke up late on March 17th, and realize you forgot to shop for anything fun for St. Patrick’s Day? Now is not the time to hit Pinterest. It’ll just make you feel like a slacker mom. No, now is the time to realize you don’t have to make anything special to make St. Patty’s day special.

With a tube of food coloring, and food already in your fridge, you can put together a Green Feast fit for a leprechaun — or at least your little leprechauns. No special baking, layering, or shopping required. None of those weird green-tinted things that nobody actually wants to eat. Just ten quick, simple foods turned cute. In ten seconds or less.

Hard-boiled eggs

Traditionally associated with Easter, don’t forget how fun it is to find a bright, colorful egg at the breakfast table or in a lunchbox! Just smear a bit of gel food coloring on the shells of hard-boiled eggs, then wipe with a clean paper towel until dry!


Add a drop or two of green food coloring to a couple tablespoons of raw or toasted coconut and you’ve got a quick, easy ice cream topping that every little lad and lassie will love for the St. Patrick’s holiday!

Fried eggs

Drop a drop of food coloring in a hot pan with melted butter and crack an egg into it. Voila! Fried green eggs in no time at all.

Green (really green!) tea

Turn a cup of green tea into a truly green one with a quick drip of food coloring! Serve with little vanilla cookies for dipping and your leprechaun duties are done!

While you’re at it, tint just about any soda pop, juice, or beverage green and make it a green feast!


Maybe the easiest way to make your table festive is to tint glasses of milk with green food dye. Easy, peasy, adorable! Even better when served alongside Lucky Charms for snacking!

Instant oatmeal

Two drops of food dye into a bowl of instant oatmeal turns it into a fun and colorful bowl of leprechaun grits! Top with blueberries for an easy, good-for-you breakfast or snack!

Ranch dressing

Quick! Need an after-school snack that’s as easy to make as it is fun to eat? Everyone loves ranch dressing! With a dollop of green food dye, it turns a merry green without looking weird on veggies! Try drizzling it over salad, too, for a quick and easy snack!

Sea salt

Turn a tablespoon of salt into pretty green sprinkles in seconds! It’s extra fun to sprinkle on top of baked pretzels; you can even top a piece of rye bread with cream cheese and a smattering of green sea salt for a no-sugar added after-school snack. (It’s even better with cucumber slices on top!)


You can tint a whole batch of pancakes green, or just go with the St. Patty’s Day hack version and add a drop of green food dye to your syrup! Quick, easy, and just as pretty as a pot o’ gold!


Grab a carton of vanilla yogurt and swirl a smidgen of green into it for a fun St. Patricks Day treat! Topped with green fruit, it makes a quick, simple snack or lunchtime treat that’ll tickle your kids …well … green!


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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