Apple Pie Oatmeal: 5 Healthy & Delicious Ways to Enjoy Your Hot Cereal

Apple Pie OatmealWarm, creamy oatmeal is my favorite breakfast on cool fall mornings. One big bowl warms me up from head to toe, fortifying me for my daily marathon of activities. Basic organic quick-cooking oatmeal is my preferred type. It doesn’t require any pre-planning and always tastes great. I start by adding oatmeal and water to a bowl and microwaving it until soft and hot. I add some milk or, sometimes, cream and whatever else I want. I like to play with the flavorings and often get my daughter in on the action. We survey the fruit bowl to see if something is available for cutting or shredding, or check out the dozens of jars in the spice cabinets. Cinnamon and nutmeg always taste great. There are nearly infinite possibilities for ways to flavor your oatmeal, here are some great ideas:

Five Delicious Ways to Eat Your Oatmeal

1. Apple Pie Oatmeal: Peel an apple and shred it with a coarse grater. Stir the thin pieces into the hot cereal and top with a sprinkle of cinnamon. One apple is usually enough for two bowls of oatmeal.

2. Maple Syrup & Cream: Stir in one Tablespoon of cream and one Tablespoon of maple syrup for a decadent and naturally sweet oatmeal breakfast.

3. Color Me Pretty Berry Bowl: Remember all those frozen blueberries and strawberries? Toss a few in your oatmeal and watch it change color as the fruit juices flavor your hot cereal.

4. Deconstructed Banana Bread: Add sliced soft bananas and a dash of nutmeg to replicate the delicious taste of banana bread. One banana is usually enough for two bowls of oatmeal.

5. Trail Mix Oatmeal: Pecans, Almond, Walnuts and brown sugar give oatmeal a hearty crunch and sweet taste, like a big bag of trail mix in a bowl.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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