Steak with Mushroom Tequila Sauce

We usually don’t have steak that often. It’s more of a special occasion food for us. However, lately there have been a lot more special occasions and reasons for our family to celebrate with steak. For the fourth of July, instead of making the usual hamburgers or hot dogs, I got a big porterhouse steak. I got a little lazy though and didn’t want to fire up the grill, so I cooked it on the stove top in a skillet.

I started with oil and a can of anchovies. My husband and I love anchovies, but my son hasn’t acquired a taste for them yet. I cooked him his own little sirloin steak in a separate skillet with no anchovies. You’ll have to love anchovies to enjoy this steak. I cooked the anchovies in the skillet until they were almost completely liquefied in the oil.  Then I added my steak and cooked it to the desired temperature for us, medium rare. The anchovies will be cooked to almost nothing, and add incredible flavor to the steak. After removing the steak, I added the mushrooms and onions and let them cook about halfway, adsorbing all the oil. Then I de-glazed the skillet with tequila and reduced it until the sauce was slightly thickened.

To go along side, I served oven roasted broccoli and fresh roasted corn.

Steak with Mushroom Tequila Sauce


1 porterhouse steak
1 cup sliced mushrooms
1/2 cup sliced or diced onions
1/2 cup tequila
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
1 – 2 oz can anchovies


1. Preheat large skillet. Add oil and anchovies. Cook over medium heat until anchovies are all to pieces. Sprinkle steak with black pepper on both sides. Add steak and cook until desired temperature. Remove steak.

2. Add mushrooms and onions to skillet. Cook until mushrooms absorb all oil and are about halfway cooked. Add tequila and cook until it reduces by at least half and is slightly thickened.

3. Serve mushroom tequila sauce over steak.

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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