Step-by-Step Daiya Pepperjack Panini

My step-by-step photos show you how to craft the perfect Pepperjack Panini – featuring dairy-free Daiya Cheese. You might be surprised at how delicious this vegan panini looks – and take it from me – it tastes amazing. Sinful cheesy pepperjack flavor all the way. I’ve accented this panini with fresh basil, roasted bell peppers, fresh vine-ripened tomatoes, a hefty slather of vegan buttery spread on fluffy, rustic white bread – and of course plenty of melted cheese oozing through each delicious bite. If you’ve never tried making a panini with Daiya cheese – this slideshow will give you a feel for it!..

It used to be that if you wanted a dairy free cheese you had to sacrifice one crucial “cheese characteristic” – the melt factor! But not anymore. And with Daiya’s brand new pepperjack flavor you can add dairy free meltiness to paninis, pizza, pasta, enchiladas and more! This was my first time trying the new flavor and I loved it! Give this panini a try (recipe below step-by-step photos)..

  • Daiya Vegan Pepperjack Panini 1 of 16
    the finished product - lets begin..
  • Ingredients 2 of 16
    Gather your ingredients: Daiya cheese, bread, Earth Balance spread, pepper, basil, tomatoes.
  • Step One – Spread 3 of 16
    Spread each slice of bread with 1 tsp vegan buttery spread, aka Earth Balance. Butter will face outward on the panini press grill.
  • Step Two – Tomatoes 4 of 16
    Lay your sliced tomatoes on the bread.
  • Step Three – Basil 5 of 16
    Add the fresh basil leaves.
  • Step Four – Peppers 6 of 16
    Add the sliced roasted red peppers.
  • Step Five – Cheese 7 of 16
    Add heaping handfuls of the Daiya Pepperjack cheese. As much as you'd like!
  • Step Six – Bread 8 of 16
    Add top layer of bread and place the sandwich on your panini press. Cook until the cheese is melted and grill lines form.
  • Step Seven – Slice 9 of 16
    Slice into your hot, melty panini! Enjoy.
  • More yum 10 of 16
    The buttery spread will create a nice golden brown glow.
  • Cheesy Panini 11 of 16
    ..see it does melt!
  • Panini Swoon 12 of 16
    The sweet basil and tomato paired with the spicy pepperjeck is blissful!
  • Lunch is Served 13 of 16
    Enjoy your delicious, cravable, cheesy panini lunch - all dairy-free and vegan!
  • Daiya Cheese 14 of 16
    The new pepperjack flavor can be found in Whole Foods stores - and more specialty stores. If they don't carry it yet - request it!
  • Melty 15 of 16
    Melty cheese is always a good thing.
  • Happy Panini Lunch 16 of 16

Vegan Pepperjack Panini

2 slices Italian bread
2 tsp vegan buttery spread – like Earth Balance
4 slices tomato
handful fresh basil
1/2 cup Daiya pepperjack cheese
a few slices roasted red pepper

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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