Strawberry & Yogurt Rocket Popsicles

As many of you know it’s Strawberry Week here at The Family Kitchen! And in preparation I recently spent some quality time with my 6 year old, Belle, in the berry patches of our local farm. After an insider-tip from the farmer, we headed over to a far field where the little scarlet berries were bursting. Our (my) goal was for us (me) to pick enough strawberries (while Belle ate them and worked on her tan) to fill several freezer bags, plus more for smoothies, plus more for one of our family’s favorite summer treats: strawberry popsicles.
We actually make popsicles all summer long— peaches and cream, apricot and honey, watermelon with chocolate chip “seeds”—but the sentimental favorite has to be strawberry because it’s the first fresh fruit of summer and we get to pull out our rocket pop molds from storage.These frozen treats are so incredibly easy to make and beyond refreshing and delicious, that I swear you won’t by them out of the box the entire summer once you start making them. It’s also a perfect kid project because there’s lots of colorful whirring and pouring. All you need is this:

-A set of popsicle molds: I found the Tovolo popsicle molds at an Urban Outfitters, but you can also order them on-line.
-A blender.
-Plain yogurt.
-And either frozen lemonade from concentrate, or a bit of white grape juice.

Recipe for  six strawberry-yogurt rocket pops

-Fill a blender halfway with fresh strawberries that have been washed and stemmed (no need to chop them up).
-Next, pour in either a 1/4 cup of the frozen lemonade concentrate or 1/4 cup of white grape juice.
-Put the blender top on and whir until thoroughly pureed.
TIP: When pouring the puree into the mold it’s important not to fill it all the way to the top, you need a little room to allow the mixture to expand when it freezes.
-For the yogurt portion you can do one of three things:
-If you want a pretty layered look you can pour the puree into the mold first and then add the yogurt ( I use plain 2% Greek yogurt, unsweetened, but you can use any kind of yogurt you’d like, or even sweeten the plain kind with a little agave or honey).
-If you want the yogurt to be incorporated into the pop you can either add a 1/4 cup before you puree the fruit or do my favorite method: drop about 1 tsp or so into the pop after you’ve added the puree and swirl it in with a chopstick to make stripes.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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