Summer Eating Checklist: 7 Must-Eat Items!

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Summertime is a season filled with fun and delicious food options. And to make sure you’ve dove fork-first (or straw or spoon) into all summer has to offer – here is my Summer Eats Checklist, featuring seven must-eat items for summer. How many can you check off this summer? And what summertime food rituals did I forget?..

Summer Eats Checklist

1. Grilled Food
Summer is simply better with grill marks. You can grill up such a wide variety of healthy summertime foods from veggie burgers and tofu skewers to grilled veggies like corn and mushrooms – and even sweet grilled fruit like pineapple and peaches. And even if you don’t have an outdoor grill – you can still have fun grilling on a stove-top pan or even as I did one summer: my panini press.. see it all play out in my grilling and panini recipe series! Grill marks make everyone happy.

2. Smoothies!
Frosties, slushees, smoothies and shakes. Call them what you will – there is no better time to slurp through a straw than in the summertime. Hot sun and a tall frosty fruit smoothie – heaven. So grab your favorite fresh, seasonal fruit – berries perhaps – and plug in your blender to create your favorite frosty summer sips. Find my favorite smoothies here: 20 Fave Summer Smoothies. (slideshow with recipe links)

3. Watermelon Recipes
It seems that watermelon is a classic summertime food for a reason – it’s sweet, juicy, hydrating and fun to eat. The only problem is that it takes some muscle power to get one home! But once you tote a shiny green and red watermelon back to your kitchen, there are so many recipes you can make. Try my two favorites: a vegan “Feta” Watermelon Salad, or my official drink of the summer season: a Watermelon Frosty.

4. Homemade Ice Cream or Sorbet
If you’ve never made your own ice cream or sorbet – take a weekend afternoon and give it a try. It is a super fun way to get kids involved in the kitchen – and a “how it’s made” conversation can begin. Plus, with so many flavor options, you are free to get creative with your frozen delights. Try my Easy Fruit Sorbet recipes – no ice cream maker required!

5. Summer Fruit Pie
Peach pie. Strawberry Rhubarb Pie. Blackberry Pie. Blueberry Pie. Or a Fresh Strawberry Pie. My favorite comfort food dessert for summer is a warm slice of summer fruit pie – made with a homemade crust. Get my vegan recipe for Peach Pie with a how-to video from start to finish!

6. Sun Tea and Lemonade
There’s no doubt that summer will leave you more parched than usual. And instead of chugging whatever you have in the fridge – pour a tall, soothing glass of homemade iced tea or lemonade. Then go sit out on the porch, sunglasses on, close your eyes and sip slowly. Breeze, birds, blue sky. Lemoande in hand. It’s moments like this that make summer magical. My Triple Citrus Lemonade or Spahhh Water recipes are my faves.

7. Pack a Picnic!
Dining outside is another joy of summer. So while you could simply dine al fresco at your favorite neighborhood cafe – it can be just as fun to make your own meal and pack it all into a picnic basket for a homemade “outside eating” adventure. Sandwiches are the classic way to make your picnic lunch to-go. Here is my vast collection of healthy sandwich recipes – includes stuffed pitas, hearty wraps and even classic stacked sandwiches. My Sandwich Recipes.

So that’s my list for some summer eating inspiration. What are some of your “must eat” foods for summer???

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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