Summer Fun: Fizzy Sidewalk Paint

As the weather gets warmer, we all want to spend more time outside – the boys in the front yard most days after school, riding bikes and playing hockey. We pull out the bubbles, water balloons and other summery outdoor stuff, but they seem to have grown tired of sidewalk chalk. They do love science experiments though, and so when I came across this fizzy sidewalk paint – a simple mixture of baking soda, cornstarch and food colour that fizzes and foams when sprayed with a spray bottle of vinegar, I knew it would be a hit. It’s simple to mix together using ingredients you probably already have in the kitchen.

For the paint, you’ll need baking soda, cornstarch and food coloring. For the fizz:
white vinegar.

To make your paint, stir 2 spoonfuls of baking soda and 1 of cornstarch in a small bowl. Add several drops of food coloring and enough water to give it the texture of tempura. Stir well, and repeat to make as many colors as you like.

Paint on the sidewalk, then let it dry. Fill a spray bottle (use a cleaned-out glass cleaner bottle, or pick one up at the dollar store) with plain white vinegar and spray the paint – the vinegar will react with the baking soda, making it fizz.

Happy summer!

Thanks to Kids Activities Blog for this idea!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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