Summer Kitchen Crafts: A Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

There are many hours to fill in a day over the summer months, and I find we do more crafts in the summertime than at any other time of year. At least one per day, if my calculations are correct, and this month my goal is to do something with the enormous box of Mason jars I have stashed away in the basement. I only wind up using the smaller ones for preserves, but I love the look of the larger ones – they really should be out on display. We decided to make a few into pumpable soap dispensers – to fill with dish soap beside the sink, or hand soap in the bathroom. We made extra to give as gifts. It was an easy process, didn’t take so long that the kids lost interest, and in the end we have a few pretty things to keep and give.

We chose some jars with tops small enough to take ring lids – obviously glass tops couldn’t be drilled through. We spray painted ours – some red, some pale green – although you could easily leave them their natural silver and they’d still look great. We picked up some hand soap – the kind that comes in the pump bottle, so we’d have the pump too – at the dollar store.

W got his swim goggles and put them on – you don’t want stray bits of metal in your eye – he also grabbed the headphones for added ear protection. All you need to do is screw the lid on and drill through the middle of the top using a bit big enough to accommodate the pump. We drilled a little hole first, then a bigger one. It took about five minutes.

Then we put the pump into the hole. Easy. We planned to add glue to stabilize it, but didn’t even need to – it was nicely secure as soon as it went in.

Fill the jar with soap of your choice, and voila! A mason jar soap dispenser that’s easy to refill. A stylish, environmentally-friendly way to stay clean this summer!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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