28 Easy-to-Eat Summer Recipes

  • 28 Easy-to-Eat Summer Recipes 1 of 29
    S'mores on a stick, homemade trail mix, and more!
  • Cream Cheese Fruit Dip 2 of 29
    This sinfully sweet treat is amazingly easy to make … and even easier to eat. Your kids will be begging for fruit once you add this dip to the menu!
    Make cream cheese fruit dip
  • Sesame Chipotle Apple Tuna Salad 3 of 29
    This flavorful twist on a lunchtime favorite takes just 10 minutes to whip up. Bonus: It's a delicious way to use up ingredients you already have in your kitchen.
    Make sesame chipotle apple tuna salad
  • Fast and Easy Corn on the Cob 4 of 29
    Fresh and sweet corn on the cob is a must for any summer get-together. Use your microwave for the cleanest and easiest cooking method you've EVER seen!
    Make fast and easy corn on the cob
  • Self-frosting Nutella Cupcakes 5 of 29
    Frosting makes cupcakes almost impossible to eat without making a mess. These Nutella cupcakes are the perfect solution: the frosting's inside.
    Make self-frosting Nutella cupcakes
  • Chicken Salsa Pizza on the Grill 6 of 29
    Who says salsa only belongs on chips? Party guests will be thrilled to try this new combination of two old favorites — and bonus: you won't have to worry about any chip-and-dip disasters.
    Make grilled chicken salsa pizza
  • Easy Apple Pie Pops 7 of 29
    Nothing screams American summer like an apple pie, but who has time to make one or clean up the mess the filling leaves behind? Enter these portable, mess-free mini apple pie pops.
    Make apple pie pops
  • Strawberry Shortcake Push-up Pops 8 of 29
    Strawberry shortcake is the perfect, light summer cake, but those gobs of whipped cream can all too easily spill on your shirt. Now you can have your cake and keep your outfit clean too with this fun push-up pop version.
    Make strawberry shortcake push-up pops
  • Smores on a Stick 9 of 29
    There's no summer treat more delicious than sticky, gooey s'mores, but the problem for tidy moms is just that: the sticky, gooey part. Luckily, these s'mores on a stick take care of the messy putting-together process for you. Make s'mores on a stick
  • Kiwi Pops 10 of 29
    These fruity frozen treats give kids the satisfaction of a popsicle without the drip-drop-y mess of one.
    Make kiwi pops
  • Sparkling French Lemonade 11 of 29
    Since it's clear, this bubbly lemonade won’t leave yellow stains and messes. Use agave syrup instead of sugar to cut down on the sticky factor.
    Make sparkling French lemonade
  • Fruity Fizz White Sangria 12 of 29
    A tart and chilly sangria will cool the grownups off on those warm summer nights. Using white wine keeps red rings off the tablecloth, and it won't turn your guests' teeth purple. Hey, you’'re just looking out for them!
    Make fruity fizz white sangria

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  • Watermelon Hedgehog 13 of 29
    Kids and adults alike will love this cool and tasty watermelon cubed and decorated to look like a hedgehog (or a T-rex, for dinosaur lovers). Since it's cut into bite-sized pieces, the watermelon juice won't end up all over the deck — or on the fronts of shirts.
    Make a watermelon hedgehog
  • Summertime Trail Mix 14 of 29
    For a kid-pleasing appetizer, put out bowls of this fiber- and protein-rich trail mix to keep hunger at bay in a healthy — and clean — way. Guests can grab this snack by the handful without worrying about the greasy residue chips often leave behind.
    Make summertime trail mix
  • Perfect Cheese Platter 15 of 29
    Nothing could be simpler than assembling a cheese platter. For the least mess possible, stick to hard cheeses cut into bite-sized wedges that are easy to pick up and eat.
    More tips on assembling the perfect cheese platter
  • Garlic Hummus 16 of 29
    With a thicker consistency that’'s less likely to drip all over clothes and furniture than other dips, hummus is a healthy, less-mess slam-dunk. You might have a bit of garlic breath afterward, but hey, better than garlic shirt.
    Make garlic hummus
  • Easy Pigs in a Blanket 17 of 29
    Pigs in a blanket are kid-friendly, super easy to whip together, and make a tasty starter for a crowd. Skip the mustard sauce altogether to keep things cleaner.
    Make pigs in a blanket
  • White Pizza 18 of 29
    Cooking pizza on the grill lets you get that perfect crispy crust, since a barbecue fire is hotter than most conventional ovens. This white pie will please a crowd without the messy red sauce. Let your guests add their own toppings and you've got a dinner everyone will love, sans the stains.
    Make white pizza on the grill
  • Mac and Cheese Muffins 19 of 29
    Mac and cheese in portable form?! Kids can eat these muffins with their hands for a slop-free summer side that skips the gooey, bright-orange sauce.
    Make mac and cheese muffins
  • BLT Panini 20 of 29
    Fancy up the typical BLT by turning it into a panini. Since a BLT doesn't need gooey ketchup, mustard, or mayo, it's a sauce-free must for any casual summer feast.
    Make a BLT panini
  • Easy Spinach and Tomato Pasta 21 of 29
    Just right for summer, this light veggie pasta skips the tomato sauce (which is bound to splatter everywhere).
    Make spinach and tomato pasta
  • Lemon Dill Grilled Salmon 22 of 29
    We love the bright flavors of this easy-to-cook grilled salmon recipe, which makes for a much cleaner meal than most sloppy, sauce-laden BBQ faves.
    Make lemon dill grilled salmon
  • Marinated Grilled Tofu 23 of 29
    Tofu's sponge-like nature allows it to absorb any marinade you choose, so no need to drizzle extra sauce (a.k.a. extra mess) over these grilled squares!
    Make marinated grilled tofu
  • Kid-friendly Pina Colada Pops 24 of 29
    Serve these pina colada pops poolside or as a backyard treat to sweaty summer guests to avoid the typical grape and cherry popsicle drips all over the deck. Make pina colada pops
  • Banana-Split Sandwich 25 of 29
    For something slightly more decadent, this banana-split sandwich avoids the gooey, chocolate mess traditional banana splits are never without. (And it won’'t melt as fast!)
    Make a banana-split sandwich
  • Grape Jiggle Cups 26 of 29
    You won't have to worry about any spills when you hand your guests these mess-proof cups of homemade Jell-O.
    Make grape jiggle cups
  • White Chocolate Blondies 27 of 29
    Even your hardest-line chocolate purists won't be able to resist these chewy little masterpieces. Use them as a base for vanilla ice cream for a cool treat that will save your "summer whites" from a swift death by dark chocolate. Make white chocolate blondies
  • Strawberry Shortcake in a Jar 28 of 29
    Don't worry about getting frosting all over the trunk of your car while transporting this cake to the family picnic; each individual serving is packaged in perfectly portable jars for all of the flavor and none of the mess!
    Make strawberry shortcake in a jar
  • Pink Lemonade Cupcakes in a Jar 29 of 29
    Kids (and grownups, for that matter) won't mind eating cupcakes with a spoon when they’'re in these single-serving jars. No more wiping frosting off hands and faces!
    Make pink lemonade cupcakes in a jar

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