Summer-Thyme Quinoa Pita

Summer-Thyme Quinoa Pita
Summer-Thyme Quinoa Pita

This Summer-Thyme Quinoa Pita is a fresh, light bite for your summertime picnic basket or lunchbox. Yesterday I whipped up some bright Summer-Thyme Hummus. A creamy mixture of two types of beans, lemon juice, fresh garlic, grape seed oil and sweet summer thyme. So this morning on my way out the door, I crafted this delicious pita featuring hummus, quinoa and a few more of my favorite lunchtime ingredients like vine-ripened tomatoes, crisp romaine lettuce and warm grilled pita bread. Find out how to make this vegan pita from start to finish!..

This pita has just a few components: pita bread, quinoa, hummus, tomato and greens. Easy. And to make this lunchtime bite even easier – I made the quinoa and hummus the night before. So then in this morning the pita was ready to assemble and stack into a lunchbox in just a few minutes.

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    Summer-Thyme Hummus

    Lemon, garlic, thyme.

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    Fluffy Quinoa
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    Fresh Vine Tomatoes
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    Soy Pita
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    Crunchy Greens
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    Triangle Slices
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    Easy Creamy Hummus
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    Hummus Bagel

    This hummus is also delicious served on a bagel!

Pita How-To

Quinoa. I used a basic fluffy white quinoa – learn how to make quinoa here.
Hummus. I made a homemade Summer-Thyme Hummus. It takes just a few minutes to blend in your blender or food processor. Get me Summer-Thyme Hummus recipe here.
Pita. Grill or toast some pita bread and slice into quarter triangles.
Fresh Tomato. Simply slice. I like to toss the tomatoes in a  bit of lemon juice and olive oil with fresh pepper (optional).
Fresh Greens. Any crunchy greens will work. Or use spinach. Whatever you have on hand will work for your “green stuff” in this healthy pita.

Ingredients for one pita plate – four triangles:

1 pita round, sliced into triangles
1 tomato, sliced
1 cup greens
1/2 cup quinoa
1/2 cup hummus
lemon/EVOO/pepper optional

Simply assemble and wrap up until lunchtime rolls around!

Healthy Lunch. Quinoa is a gluten-free grain/seed that is a nice source of fiber and even protein. Greens are filled with nutrients and fiber – as well as the fresh tomato. I actually used a soy pita from Trader Joe’s so it has a nice boost of protein as well. And the beans in the hummus are packed with healthy nutrients like protein, fiber, B vitamins – and the grape seed oil and lemon juice are good for you foods as well.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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