Super Bowl Buffalo Wings 101

When Super Bowl rolls around every year, the most important menu item in our house is the Buffalo wing. I’ve tried them every which way. I’ve breaded them, not breaded them, baked them, fried them, grilled them, slow cooked them and even tried steaming them once before baking to make them crispier. All these methods create amazingly good wings, but each method produces a very different result. To choose which cooking method is best for you, you need to decide what’s most important in your wings: the sauciness or the crispiness.

If having the ultimate crispy wing is most important to you, frying with a spice-filled breading mix and not saucing afterwards might be your best option. Another option for a drier wing is to create a spicy marinade with your hot sauce and other spices of choice. Then let your wings marinate 3 – 4 hours, or overnight before baking at 450° or grilling over medium – high heat.

If saucy wings are your thing, try seasoning your wings first with your dry seasonings, then bake, fry or grill them. After they have been cooked, then feel free to sauce away.

For an ultimate saucy wing, start with a lightly seasoned and breaded and baked or fried wing and then sauce it. This way the sauce really holds onto all the breading.

The next two decisions you have to make are which dry seasonings to use and which hot sauce to choose. For dry seasonings, I like to combine salt and pepper, garlic powder, smoked paprika and cayenne pepper. You can also use a pre-made spicy spice blend or grill seasoning.

For the sauce, there are many amazing ones to choose from. I would recommend buying a pre-made Buffalo sauce, or simply combining a little butter with your favorite hot sauce. My husband’s favorite sauce is Frank’s and mine is Tabasco. But there are plenty of amazing ones on the market, I even like to use Sriracha sometimes.

For mild Buffalo wings for the kids, simply use a sweet BBQ sauce.

Here are 7 more amazing buffalo wings to give you some ideas for this Sunday!

  • Honey-Sriracha Glazed Buffalo Wings 1 of 7
    Honey-Sriracha Glazed Buffalo Wings
    These sweet and spicy wings are sure to be a hit at any party!
    Find this recipe at White on Rice Couple
  • Skinny Buffalo Wings 2 of 7
    Skinny Buffalo Wings
    Leave it to Gina to create one amazing skinny recipe for Buffalo wings.
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  • Cornmeal Buffalo Wings 3 of 7
    Cornmeal Buffalo Wings
    These wings are actually breaded in Fish Fry for the ultimate crunchy wing.
    Find this recipe at What's Cooking Chicago
  • Crispy Bufffalo Wings 4 of 7
    Crispy Bufffalo Wings
    These crunchy wings are made with a new product, Buffalo Shake and Bake
    Find this recipe at Eating Out Loud
  • Honey Lime Buffalo Wings 5 of 7
    Honey Lime Buffalo Wings
    The flavor of these wings makes a wonderful change to the traditional buffalo wing.
    Find this recipe at Chef Dennis
  • Brooke’s Best Buffalo Wing Recipe 6 of 7
    Brooke's Best Buffalo Wing Recipe
    This is a not too spicy good wing recipe that would be great for teenagers.
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  • Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce Chicken Wings 7 of 7
    Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce Chicken Wings
    These are an amazing spicy Asian style wing.
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For a simple, classic recipe check this one out from Julie.

What are your tips for Buffalo wings? What’s your favorite seasoning and sauce to use?

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