Supercharged Smoothies — 3 recipes for healthy shakes

As we all know, smoothies can be sweet-tooth satisfiers, energy enhancers, cleansing on-the-go meal replacements, pick-me-up snacks, terrific kid-pleasing shakes, and even alkalizing toddies for adults. What a great way to consume a variety of vitamins and other healthy ingredients!

These three recipes from Super-Charged Smoothies will increase your antioxidant intake, strengthen your immune system, slenderize, alkalize, and energize.

With the push of a button, you can whirr your way to a healthier, super-charged lifestyle. Enjoy!

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    Blueberry Brain Boost

    Recent studies show that the powerful antioxidants and phytochemicals in blueberries may improve cognitive function. Paired with walnuts, they make a blueberry smoothie that tops the antioxidant chart. The rich nuttiness of the walnuts complements the berries, and they may work a little magic on your memory. Word has it that walnuts contain essential fatty acids that support the development of brain cells and neurotransmitters, so sip this unforgettable smoothie and you may just forget less!

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    Raspberry Cappuccino

    Only recently have we discovered and embraced cold-brew coffee. The cold process yields a brew with 80 percent less acidity than traditional coffee, and it tastes worlds smoother. Once you compare the two, you will become a convert! We think cold-brew coffee is at its best over ice and blended into smoothies. Read more about the Toddy system at, where you can learn how to make it at home or do what we do: order a gallon to have on hand.

    Here’s a version that blends in fresh berries and sorbet for an unforgettable treat.

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    Super C

    What better way to stave off a cold or flu than to double down on vitamin C! We encourage you to get to know camu camu, which has more natural vitamin C than any other food on planet Earth. This super-tart superfood contains thirty to sixty times more vitamin C than an orange. We order this tart orange powder from Navitas Naturals, but a readily available vitamin package, such as Emergen-C, makes a fine substitute. Be it camu camu or Emergen-C, down this mega C flu-busting blend and put your tissues away.

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Reprinted with permission from Super-Charged Smoothies by Mary Corpening Barber and Sara Corpening Whiteford, copyright © 2010. Published by Chronicle Books.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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