Suzanne Somers – Sexy Forever Diet

It appears every year in January: the latest in diet books are released as everyone is thinking of weight loss and health. The latest is Sexy Forever by Suzanne Somers. I do not want to state my age, but I do recall the thigh master. Do you?

Sexy Forever is Somers’ online program (there is also a companion book) and is stated to be a comprehensive plan for women over 40 and will help them look and feel their best….

I just went to the website and the following statement is made: ‘Sexy Forever Online will give you all the tips and tools you need to lose weight and feel sexy. Suzanne will help you uncover the hidden obstacle preventing you from losing weight. Get started by taking the FREE Sexy IQ quiz right now!’. So, I took the quiz and found out that you do not get an overall sexy IQ but a number for hormone imbalance, toxic burden and food sensitivities.

I was then told I could sign up for 7 days free and then it will be $4 per week. I was hoping to find out more about the food plan so looked around on other sites and found this from Sexy Forever contains the following features to help you lose weight and track your progress: Recipes, Personal Meal Planner, Shopping-List Tool, Food Log, Nutrition Fact Finder, Healthy-Weight Calculator, Calorie Calculator, Activity Calculator, Weight Tracker, Inch Tracker and Personal Journal.’ They also stated that ‘The diet plan in Sexy Forever is one based on eating real food – vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts and seeds – as well as eating in balance.’

I also found that a few recipes in the book are Crab Bisque with Sweet Corn and Crab Relish, Somersize Tex-Mex Chicken Drumettes and Meatballs, Peppered Pork Chops with Fried Sage Leaves, Warm Chocolate Soufflé Cakes, and Wild Berry Crostada so it looks promising to me!

Have you started this diet? What foods are you eating?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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